Washington Dermatology Center

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7101 Guilford Dr #105, Frederick, MD 21704, USA


Aaron Bilow
           3 / 5   2 months ago
We appreciate that the office for us in the schedule quickly and easily, the front staff is courteous and check in is quick. My issue is that the staff orders medications that are extremely expensive and, when an attempt is made to find another supplier and consequently a lower cost, I suddenly encounter rude behavior when I exercise my right to find cheaper medication. The nurse in the room was incredibly rude to me both in person and six hours later on the telephone, if this trend continues we will not only find another supplier for medication but also another practice.
maria bien
           1 / 5   7 months ago
Had just been to the office at Frederick for 2 consults, for son and myself. Alexa Toohey did not EVEN do a throrough exam of my grandson. JUST LOOKED at his nape for at MOST 20 seconds, though there were other areas I said were concerns. Diagnosed the condition and advised us to see our primary because the condition MAY have a METABOLIC cause and also due to obesity/ overweight. 1. We came for a dermatologic CONSULTATION and MANAGEMENT by a DERMATOLOGIST DOCTOR. We did NOT get that. 2. LOOKING for 20 seconds is not an EXAMINATION. 3. Telling me ALL that can be done is to consult our PRIMARY doctor for a metabolic workup. I was thinking, as a dermatologic CONSULTATION, should not the workup for the condition presented be a PART of MANAGEMENT? Why are we instead being referred to another doctor for workups on a dermatologic condition we are consulting your clinic for? Health practitioners would understand what I mean and where I am coming from and what my concerns are. 4. I asked for even temporary creams to lighten his skin while we await consult and workup with primary but to no avail. Of course I am aware I can not force your staff to treat, alleviate, even symptomatically. The consult was frustrating and disappointing. Not satisfactory. Not worth the dollars paid for a supposed SPECIALIST. I did not throw a tantrum at the office, just so you know. I was polite and calm. But I did cancel my consult and asked for my refund. I still paid for my son's "consult". Not coming back. BTW, staff opened late. Clients waited outside the office. We were seen after 30 mins wait. The consult itself took...about 3 mins.
           5 / 5   2 years ago
R Smith, Jr.
           5 / 5   2 years ago
CJ Utter
           2 / 5   8 years ago