Eric M. Thorn, MD, FACC

          3.5 / 5 (2)

1625 N George Mason Dr #354, Arlington, VA 22205, USA


Michele Berard
           2 / 5   a year ago
I am the power of attorney for my elderly father. I take him to all of his appointments. It is extremely difficult to get an appointment. Oftentimes, we have to schedule at least a month out. Neither the staff nor Dr. Thorn are very personable. On our last visit, we waited for over an hour to see the doctor. Today, we were 15 minutes late, and Dr. Thorn would not see us. I will be looking for another doctor for my Dad.
Dee Kay
           5 / 5   11 months ago
Dr. Thorn is a wonderful doctor - stays up to date on latest research, and LISTENs to my concerns. It’s not unusual for him to spend 30 minutes or more to discuss issues. Waited four months for my first appointment - worth the wait. I had been seeing another Doctor (different practice) for years treating my type 2 diabetes. Dr Thorn took me off insulin and most drugs, and put me on a Keto diet to resolve my diabetes - had I known I didn’t need insulin years ago, I would have changed my diet. Now I’m down 20 lbs in two months and hope to be CURED of type 2 diabetes, not just treated with drugs. Can’t say enough how he has changed my life, and certainly extended it.