All Natural Medicine Clinic, LLC

          4.9 / 5 (27)

4801 Randolph Rd, Rockville, MD 20852, USA


T. Rose
           5 / 5   5 months ago
I’m so happy I found this hidden gem! I come weekly for acupuncture and it has done wonders. Helps with back pain or to help regulate your body. Extremely relaxing. I highly recommend All Natural Medicine Acupuncture!
Pat Doyen
           5 / 5   6 months ago
I highly recommend this clinic. Dr. Hou is very knowledgeable and the treatment has been helping me. She really listened to me, which unfortunately is rare, and was able to make a treatment plan that is working to both heal and alleviate my symptoms.
Abhi G
           5 / 5   10 months ago
Best doctor ever !!! We have been going since almost a year now and my daughter has only been happier from then...! Dr looks at treating the root cause and not the symptom. Highly recommend. Thank you doctor !!!
Kan zhan
           5 / 5   7 months ago
Thanks Dr Hou for taking care of my son. He loves visiting your office and me too!
Mary Rangel
           5 / 5   9 months ago
Dr. Hou has been treating me for chronic lower back pain and I can say with confidence that my pain has improved and I trust her work. I was a little nervous trying acupuncture but the treatments are not painful and Dr. Hou is a very caring and gentle person which helps create a comfortable environment. I would recommend seeing Dr. Hou, especially if you're searching for an alternative solution for pain management. She is super knowledgeable and professional, definitely deserving of 5 stars! Additionally, I read a negative review here that I completely disagree with. Privacy is not an issue. There are several rooms for the treatments. You have your own room and the doors are always closed. And if there is ever a smokey smell it is from the "Moxa" treatments that Dr. Hou provides. Its great!