The Urology Group

          3.1 / 5 (20)

19415 Deerfield Ave Suite 112, Lansdowne, VA 20176, USA


Karthik Dhanireddy
           5 / 5   a month ago
Had the opportunity to work with Dr. Roberts. Easily one of the kindest physicians I was able to interact with. He took time out of his already busy schedule to squeeze me into his day to make sure I was okay five days post-op. Even the nurse who brought me in today was top notch. She was very empathetic and understood how much pain I was in at the moment. Would definitely recommend this practice.
Al Rosencrance
           5 / 5   5 months ago
I've been seeing the Urology Group since 2013 and they have provided outstanding care and guidance. Dr. O'Brien and his assistant Tina are outstanding. Very thorough and complete examinations each year. Dr. O''Brien listens very well, is very patient, and provides excellent recommendations and diagnosis.
Al Eddy
           1 / 5   2 months ago
I had previously been to the Urology Group and seen Dr. O'Conner at the recommendation of my GP. I went back in November because I needed some documents completed for a disability claim with the VA. Dr. O'Conner said he would have it completed in "a couple of days". A week went by and not hearing any updates I called the practice and was told by a nurse that Dr. O'Conner had taken my paperwork home and would be completing it shortly. Another week went by and when I called the practice again I was told the forms had still not been completed. The person I spoke with made me feel I was imposing on the doctor by asking that the work be completed. I sent an email to the practice complaining about the disrespect and lack of urgency. The next morning I received a message that I could pick the papers up that day but it wasn't clear which office I had to go to. The only helpful person at that point was an office manager named Catherine. She told me which office had my papers. I picked the papers up and when I got home I discovered that Dr. O'Conner had not signed the documents as required although he did create a letter I needed. I cannot submit my claim and now I can't get any help or answers. I would never recommend this practice because they apparently don't care for their patients' needs!
Victoria Sherbin
           1 / 5   8 months ago
Don't bother if you're a new patient. These guys don't care about your health, only if you have the money to pay them. All of their paperwork is just about how to get paid. Hardly any of it is medical history. We wouldn't know how the doctors are, we couldn't get past the incompetent reception. Told us 3:30 pm for my husband's appointment and to arrive about 15 minutes early to get paperwork done. So he took the extra time and got the paperwork ahead of time and had it filled out and ready by appointment day. He still shows up 15 minutes early and they told him "Oh, we had you down for 3, not 3:30, we can't see you." After he took a half day off work to be there. The only reason we considered them was because they could take us before June 15th. Now that we have the time, we will find someone better.
Michelle Gaskins
           5 / 5   5 months ago
Dr. Pruna is the best. He was honestly in the get go. He took good care of me with both surgery ..