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cc 237200
           5 / 5   10 months ago
Margaret Zaepfel is a wonderful therapist. I see her as does my nine-year-old son. She is caring, professional, and full of good ideas that have practical use. She has helped both of us beyond measure. Her empathy and keen understanding as well as her experience make her a world-class counselor. I am truly grateful to her for all she has done for our family. In addition, the office staff at Riverside are friendly, patient, and efficient with a good sense of humor. Monica has shown endless patience for our multiple appointments. I can't recommend Riverside highly enough. It has been a godsend to us.
Ms. Michelle
           5 / 5   9 months ago
My daughter has been seeing Margaret (and Shiloh) for over a year and it has been a huge blessing! My daughter struggles with anxiety, and even though she has a good support system at home, and even though we talk with her a lot about things, she looks forward to her sessions with Margaret and Shiloh each time!! My daughter loves sitting with Shiloh, petting him, and just talking with Margaret about things going on in her life. And Margaret has such a wonderful way of listening to her, supporting her, providing insightful thoughts and advice, all in a calm and reassuring way. And while my daughter has this support at home too, it has been so nice and so extremely helpful for my daughter to have this with someone outside of home. She has grown so much during her time with Margaret, especially with her self confidence, and has learned a lot about her anxiety and how to deal with it. The tools Margaret is giving her will help her thru many difficult times and will be tools that she will be able to use for a long time, and I am just so thankful to Margaret for that!
Dale Gardner
           1 / 5   7 months ago
I will not be silenced by the continued deletion of my comments or your unfounded accusations that I’m lying. I was a patient of Karen Mazzara for 2.5 years when, literally in the middle of a therapeutic session, Ms. Mazzara interrupted me and brusquely informed me she was terminating her treatment effective immediately. Although she later said she had been considering ending her care "for a long time," she had made no preparations for the transfer of my care to another therapist. I felt completely abandoned and reacted to her abrupt termination with immediate and great distress. I literally begged her, repeatedly, not to end the relationship. Ms. Mazzara responded with insincere platitudes. She mocked me, asking if I "thought therapy would last forever." I can appreciate Ms. Mazzara felt she could no longer assist me and desired to end the relationship. I respect and understand those wishes. What I cannot understand, and people should understand, is the cruel, callous, and remarkably unprofessional manner she chose to implement her decision. She should not be trusted to provide a safe and caring environment in which to seek psychiatric treatment.
April Whatley
           5 / 5   a year ago
Riverside's office staff and therapists are very helpful. I am most grateful for the help of Camille, the office manager. She always stays level headed, even when I come in stressed and disheveled. She portrays a calm, positive attitude and immediately makes me feel more at ease. She also responds to phone calls in a timely manner and it always makes me grin when I hear the sweet, southern accent come out. I wish all office staff could be as welcoming, warm and willing to help.
Allison Clark
           1 / 5   11 months ago
DO NOT SEE MARGARET ZAEPFEL. I never write reviews, but I am writing one because I had such an upsetting experience with one of the therapists. I expected to have an hour long appointment with her, but to my disbelief- I had only spoken with her for 5 minutes before she turned me away. In the short amount of time with her though, she showed me who she truly was. She showed me that she does not possess the characteristics of a good therapist. She does not accept others, she has a lack of self awareness, and she does not have sound judgement. The way she refused to hear my story was incredibly callous and passive aggressive. I wouldn't recommend seeing her to anyone, but especially those who believe therapists should be nonjudgmental and not have a holier than thou attitude.