Lansdowne Foot & Ankle Center - Gary Kugler, DPM

          3.4 / 5 (9)

19440 Golf Vista Plaza, Leesburg, VA 20176, USA


Tammy Haegele
           5 / 5   a year ago
I can’t say enough positive things about this medical office!!! From beginning to end I was treated like family! The front desk receptionist was warm and friendly and before I could even sit down in the waiting room area the nurse called my daughter and I back. The nurse immediately built rapport with my daughter and made her feel comfortable. Further, the nurse was receptive to my concerns and was quite knowledgeable! Then we met the doctor and he was fantastic! He was efficient, explained things clearly, answered all of my questions and had a much needed talk with my daughter about her choice of shoes (which are a very popular brand but terrible for her feet). The doctor made several recommendations and offered choices for her care. Ultimately, we decided to get custom inserts and my daughter’s foot pain is finally gone! Thank you Lansdowne Foot and Ankle!!
Nancy Downard
           1 / 5   a year ago
I went in to have Dr. Kugler remove two screws in my foot from a previous surgery. During my surgery he decided to NOT remove the screws, then after the surgery he didn't bother going to the waiting area to let my waiting family know what had happened during the surgery. At my first post op appointment in his office I didn't see him, I saw his which time I told her and showed her that I was having some sort of reaction to the sutures, she did go tell him but he refused to come in and look himself rather he instructed her to give me antibiotics. I went back about a week later when the infection was getting worse and he begrudgingly came in and treated me like I had done something wrong. His bed side manner is terrible. I have since called requesting my records and his front office staff told me that I can't request my own records (not true) and that they can't locate my entire chart since they changed computer systems. This entire office is a joke and Dr. Kugler should be ashamed of himself for doing more damage to my foot.
Melanie Razavi
           3 / 5   3 years ago
While the staff and Dr. Kugler were very friendly, I spent $600.00 to have the laser treatment on one toenail due to fungus. The treatment wasn't in the least bit successful. I saw no improvement from it. I addressed this with the Doctor and then was prescribed the RX for treatment. I would have hoped that some sort of refund or reimbursement would have been mentioned as $600.00 was paid for absolutely no result. If you are thinking about trying the laser treatment, I would advise otherwise. Seems to me you can think of far more enjoyable ways to waste $600.00.
           2 / 5   a year ago
We been waiting over 30 minutes in the examination room. Our insurance wouldn't pay for the anti-inflammatory medicine my husband needed because it wasn't prescribed by the physician but a physicians assistant. The receptionist are very friendly with everyone else but our family I think it has something to do with the fact that we don't look like them, dare I say it there may be some prejudice going on. Neither my husband or I felt really welcome in the office, except for the physician assistant and her nurse/assistant were very nice. We won't be returning.
Samia Hamid
           4 / 5   2 years ago
Good doctor, great bedside mannerism. He couldn't get the lead out of my son's foot but I am appreciative that he was more concern about harm to my son's foot coz of the cutting around his wound compared to the harm the remains of the pencil will do.