National Sports Medicine Institute

          4.4 / 5 (21)

19455 Deerfield Ave #306, Lansdowne, VA 20176, USA


Ken Walsh
           5 / 5   3 weeks ago
Dr David Johnson came highly recommended to us. His "bedside manner" is outstanding. From our first appointment with him, he took his time to explain everything to us. He described my son's injury to us, as well as the surgery that was needed, in great detail and taking the time to answer any and all questions we had. He then performed Arthroscopic knee surgery on my 17 year old son to replace his ACL. The surgery went well and the follow-up care has been outstanding. The staff has been great and he has continued to answer any and all questions while never making us feel rushed. I highly recommend Dr. Johnson and this practice. Everyone is very courteous and friendly.
Lauren Rhodes
           5 / 5   2 months ago
We had the best experience possible. 5yr old with a broken foot bone and the staff was amazing. Couldn’t have asked for a more caring and understanding staff. Never had to wait more than 5 min for our scheduled appointment times and they even fit us in quickly for a cast reinforcement when we needed it last minute.
Michael Miller
           1 / 5   3 months ago
Dr. Timothy Johnson bedside manner is severely leaving much to be desired. Since a change in staff recently. It has become standard for 1.5 to hour waits beyond your appointment time. I am currently sitting in the office waiting 1.5 hours after my appointment time. Not worth the money since Dr. Coleman left the practice. I gave the staff a fair chance but they blew that opportunity. Absolutely find someone else than nsmi for your orthopedic needs. So sad
shelley mccullers
           5 / 5   2 months ago
We have a very active family that is injury prone. Dr. Johnson has been there for us through so many injuries- stress fractures, sprains, growth plate issues, a hip avulsion fracture, and most recently a torn ucl in our young athlete’s elbow. Friends suggested we get a second opinion just to be sure, and after doing so we are going with our gut and having surgery with the doctor that we trust our precious children with- Dr. Johnson. We appreciate his attentive care, calm demeanor during trying times, and wisdom and ability to help heal our family and keep our kids doing what they love.
Nancy Pruitt
           5 / 5   2 months ago
Very kind staff, they presented the diagnostic information to me that I understood well, were timely in their scheduling.