Dr. Jane T. Nguyen, MD

          2.8 / 5 (10)

19455 Deerfield Ave #311, Lansdowne, VA 20176, USA


Tram Nguyen
           1 / 5   2 weeks ago
She did bad job. She did not look at how thin my skin is, and then prescribed me cream. My skin got worse, darker than after 3 days use. Although I took care my skin carefully with hat and sunscreen. I came back to see her to ask her recommend, she danced around issue, I kept asking her why it get darker, she avoided taking responsibility. It’s almost 4 months, my skin still had not cleared up. I feel really disappointed ☹️
           5 / 5   4 months ago
Dr. Nguyen is amazing. I really cannot say enough nice things about her. I have suffered with cystic acne since I was 13 years old. I have seen many dermatologists in many different states with no improvement. After seeing Dr. Nguyen four years ago, I have had virtually no acne. She is direct and to the point. She is an excellent dermatologist.
Trish Blackwell
           5 / 5   a year ago
Best medical practice I’ve visited in Loudoun. Dr Nguyen was sincere, attentive and fantastic. The entire office was impeccably trained, welcoming and warm. The office is clean and gorgeous- every detail has been thought of in advance. Every time I have come I’ve never had a wait. Highly recommended!
Kristen Betzner
           1 / 5   2 years ago
Quick Summary: *Extremely quick visit where she seemed to pay no attention to any previous issues *Staff that did not offer a follow up visit after the appointment *After being told I could get a follow up appointment within the week on the phone, I was told they were too booked to see me. *After asking if they could recommend a doctor in another city, they said they could ask Nguyen for me, but then hung up before getting my information. Went in for my first visit with a dermatologist and potential mole removal. She looked over my skin, told me what I needed was cosmetic, and asked if I had any questions. Then she left. Was in the office for less than 10 minutes and it couldn't have felt like she cared less about me. She didn't ask any questions about my responses on the evaluation you fill out prior to going in (nothing about previous rashes, skin conditions, or anything). I was also assured when making the appointment that if I wanted to get my moles removed I would be able to reschedule for a time within the week to do it (When on the phone, I'd clarified that I had only a limited time before leaving the area). She didn't offer for me to schedule a follow up, nor did any of her assistants. When I called later to make an appointment, I was told that it wasn't possible and she was fully booked. Then when I asked about a recommendation for another city, the receptionist said she could ask, but then took none of my information or went to physically ask the doctor. Overall the worst service I've ever received from a doctor.
J Hong
           5 / 5   a year ago
Dr Nguyen and her entire office are wonderful! I highly recommend Dr Nguyen for any dermatology concerns.