Dermatology Center of Loudoun

          3.7 / 5 (33)

19455 Deerfield Ave Suite 311, Lansdowne, VA 20176, USA


Katie cerasoli
           1 / 5   2 months ago
I have been battling acne for 4-5 years now and exhausted all my efforts so I decided to give this office a shot. My expectations were low as nothing has worked for me. I knew this would be a journey but I was ready to put all my trust in a doctor. I assumed that in order for my skin to get better, it may get worse. I was okay with that. What I am not okay is the fact that the doctor I saw, Jane Nguyen, seemed very rushed and impersonal. I explained my concerns and instead of being understanding, I received harsh short responses, and then she quickly left the room leaving me with a nurse who neglected to explain the side effects of the medication. Now I’m on month three of the medication, I decided to call the office to express my concerns, as I’m in a ton of pain. After expressing that I’m disappointed in the fact I wasn’t presented with all the side effects i received an unapologetic and rude employee that tried to tell me all of this information was disclosed in the appointment, which wasn’t, as the symptoms came as a shock to me. It is clear that this office strives for efficiency. I was in and out in 10 minutes. However they lack in basic interpersonal skills such as honesty, kindness, and compassion for their patients. I hope they strive for better so future patients can have a better experience than I did.
           5 / 5   a month ago
Love this place. Dr. Nguyen and her associates, assistants and staff are very nice and thorough. As a tip it can be hard to get an appointment so book sooner than later. But that's because everyone wants to get in to see them!
Mimi .S
           3 / 5   a month ago
We saw Keri and she was really patient and thorough in answering questions. Her interpersonal skills were stellar and she took the time to listen to our concerns. This was our fourth visit to the office, our first with Keri, and we realized why we weren't super happy with prior visits. They were always rushed. So if you see Keri, you should have a good experience.
Danielle Woodruff
           1 / 5   6 months ago
I’ve been a patient here for many years. Every time I leave my appointment with Dr. Jane Nguyen, I’m feeling like I was a bother to her. I don’t feel like she’s interested in working with me. She’d rather sell me expensive procedures I don’t want, or quite frankly need. I saw her today and she asked me some routine questions that should have been in my chart. Did she even read my chart before she came in? Also while at my appointment, two nurses came into the room without knocking. I was undressed. Just feel like the entire office could have a better bedside manner. I will not be going back. It’s been too many times where I don’t feel valued as a patient. I just feel like a number and another paying customer.
All that Jazz
           1 / 5   a week ago
Very disappointed. They came highly recommended. I am now moving my family to a different practice.