James D. Reeves, M.D.

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1860 Town Center Dr suite 300, Reston, VA 20190, USA


Valerie Hogan
           5 / 5   6 months ago
Dr. Reeves is the best! My total hip replacement was July 3rd, i used walker for 1wk, 2 days and cane for 1 week! He did an excellent job! I stayed in hosp over night, i had no pain even from the surgery. I was driving 2 wks after surgery. Dr. Reeves and staff has been a blessing!
Mimi Berg
           5 / 5   a year ago
An amazing knee replacement Dr. Reeves performed my total knee replacement on January 2, 2019. Within 1week I was walking, totally unassisted. I experienced no pain, at anytime after this procedure. After day 5, I did not take any pain medication at all. After 2 weeks, I drove from Maryland to New Jersey. I had no restrictions and have been able to do everything I attempted to do, with no discomfort at all. My surgical experience with Dr. Reeves was truly amazing and pain free. I will be happy to refer any knee replacement Candidate to Dr. James Reeves at Town Center orthopedics.
Colin Campbell
           5 / 5   11 months ago
Dr. Reeves and his staff were superb & that also goes for the INOVA Fairfax Hospital where I had my knee replacement surgery. I had my procedure on 2/11/2019. Dr. Reeves has done a wonderful job with my knee replacement, I was walking without assistance after 1 1/2 weeks and driving in 2 weeks. I was really impressed on how clean my scar was due to his use of under stitching method as opposed to using staples to close the surgical site and so was my physical therapist who was not affiliated with his practice. My therapist was also amazed at my progress so shortly after the procedure. I attribute this Dr. Reeves and his skill set also he uses the latest technology in the field such a precision knee analysis device that assists him to make the precise cuts, alignment and install based on my knees condition. During my research of the procedure I was pleased to find out that his practice used this new technology. I was referred to him from a friend of mine who was also satisfied with his outcome. I highly recommended Dr. Reeves and his staff & they will surely be doing my other knee..
Jeffrey H. Berg MD
           5 / 5   a year ago
My mother recently had a knee replacement performed by Dr. Reeves. She has done miraculously. After several days, she had absolutely no pain. She was walking without a cane in less than a week. Her knee function, at one month, was nearly normal and all her preoperative symptoms had resolved in a couple of weeks. Throughout this process, Dr. Reeves gave my mother exceptional care, answering all her questions and needs and directing her all along the way. For complete disclosure, I am a partner of Dr. Reeves and also an Orthopedic surgeon. You may think that as a result, my mother would have received special care and attention from Dr. Reeves and that my opinion about Dr. Reeves might be biased. I have treated patients along with Dr. Reeves and I can assure you, my mother received the same, high level, personal and compassionate care that Dr. Reeves gives to all his patients. As for a biased opinion, that may be, but that is why I had Dr. Reeves treat my mom. My mother lives in New Jersey and there are many very qualified knee replacement doctors between there and here. I could have had anyone of them perform my mother’s surgery but there is only one that I would let do it, Dr. Reeves and that’s because I know the great results he gets. If you need a knee replacement, or a hip replacement for that matter, take this orthopedist’s advice, have Dr. Reeves perform the surgery. He’ll take great care of you - like he did for my mom.
Jo Busch
           5 / 5   a year ago
I like Dr. Reeves because he is very knowledgeable and informs you on what to expect going through surgery and after. He works with the patient like they are a member of his family. My surgery is scheduled for Nov. 12th knee replacement. I am confident in his expertise and ability.