CHOICE Pain & Rehabilitation Center

          3.7 / 5 (18)

18540 Office Park Dr, Gaithersburg, MD 20886, USA


Bad Baker
           2 / 5   3 months ago
The only reason I won’t give 1 star is because James is a decent physician but his front desk receptionist, Lisa, is singlehandedly ruining the name of the practice. She is so short, nasty, rude, and in a hurry over the phone but go in there and she’s no where near rushed as she acts. Everything is with a huff and if you talk more than she’s willing to listen, she will talk over you and talk down to you. She really shouldn’t be in any customer service environment, not even a gas station clerk. No people skills and has no clue what she’s doing or saying with prior auths. Total joke. Switching to Olney, where the receptionist is kind, caring, and listens and solves problems in a timely manner.
Mauricio Rosario
           1 / 5   in the last week
Front desk Lisa is going to bring the Gaithersburg location many many 1 star reviews. She's rude, and shouldn't work with other humans. She is not made for that job.
Kevin Hewitt
           5 / 5   a year ago
Always helpful and has helped me get much better since I started coming here. From Dr.Summers to Dr. Hill to the great front desk staff I would recommend this office to anyone!
Brenda Franco
           1 / 5   9 months ago
i called to see how much was owed on an account and the receptionists seemed confused did not comprehend English from what i heard spoke to an office manager according to them still could not tell me who paid the balance said they were transferring me to billing yet that was the option i had already selected & then simply hung up on me. i was placed on hold prior to that about a dozen times without being asked i would be talking and they would simply just place me, worst customer service EVER!
Ronee Bloxham
           1 / 5   a year ago
If I could give this place a zero I would. Sketchy. Sketchy. Sketchy. Run away from this place. Took a family member here. The first visit waited 3 hours to see the doctor. They did not have any working equipment to take accurate blood pressure and the place was dirty not clean. The second visit arrived at the appointment time and the place was locked, no lights on and no answer. Called their other office and they confirmed my appointment at that location and time, I waited as instructed but after over an hour no one showed up.