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Paul Stamenoff
           1 / 5   10 months ago
Have referral from ER, was recommended as the best doctors and team in town. I called to schedule time to be seen, they told me the first available date is in 47 days from now. I understand that, since they are the best, they should be busy. But ER referral should be prioritized since the patients are usually with extreme level of pain. I spoke with ER and they told me they called them and doctor should be in touch with me. Not only no one called me, but I am blocked from their dialing system. this is very unprofessional
Kurt Weil
           1 / 5   8 months ago
I had a Colonoscopy scheduled for early April of 2019 at age 60 after normal one at age 50. The procedure was at Woodburn Endoscopy Center. The prep with Clenpiq was not too bad, but I had a wait at least 30 minutes for the Anesthesiologist who informed me that she needed a “tea break”. My Colonoscopy was scheduled for 1:00 in the afternoon, so I had not had solid food for about 40 hours at that point. While I was waiting, the nursing staff were all discussing what they had for lunch, which I thought was very unprofessional given that everyone in there was fasting! When I awoke from Anesthesia I was informed that my Colon was “tortuous” and Dr. Stafford Goldstein couldn’t get past the Sigmoid flexure. He told me I needed to do another prep and get a Virtual Colonoscopy, but failed to write the orders for that. He didn’t seem bothered at all that he couldn’t complete it. It took me about 4-5 days to get the orders. There is nothing virtual about it. I had to do another prep, this time with Golytly which was over a gallon of disgusting tasting solution full of aspartame and other chemicals. A Virtual Colonoscopy is actually a CT scan where they inflate you with Carbon Dioxide (very painful!), and do the scan. That scan showed a large Polyp on my Ascending Colon over an inch across, and was likely either pre or cancerous. The Nurse at the doctor’s office called me 2 days later and told me I would need to go to Hopkins to have it removed, and I should see the head of the GI department to have it removed. She had no idea what the name of the procedure was, but just said they would send my records up. The Doctor called me a couple of days later and repeated the message, but gave me no details. So, I waited a few days and heard nothing from Hopkins. I did a bunch of research and determined that I would need a procedure called EMR, Endomucosal Resection based on the type of Polyp the report indicated. I also checked out all of the doctors at Hopkins and determined that Dr. Mouen Khashab was the biggest specialist in this. The head of the department was Dr. Anthony Kalloo, and that was who they were sending me to, but he rarely does surgery. 5 days after getting the diagnosis, I called Hopkins myself, and found out that sending records doesn’t work if you don’t have a chart set up! They had none of mine. So I set up a chart, did a bunch of inquiries that confirmed my research, and contacted Dr. Khashab’s office. They needed my scans and records, so I went to Arlington Hospital to pick up the actual CT disc and a report and mailed it out that day. Dr. Goldstein’s office sent only the report and pictures of my worthless incomplete Colonoscopy. Dr. Kashab agreed to take me on, and I scheduled my 3rd Colonosopy in 7 weeks! Prep # 3 was Moviprep, which made me very sick with a horrible headache. So, Colonoscopy #3 at Hopkins was uneventful, staff were efficient and professional, and my procedure was done in 30 minutes. It turns out that the “Polyp” was actually a lipoma, and there was a second one that the CT scan didn’t pick up. These were not removed as they are benign fatty tumors that cause no harm. They can occur anywhere in the body. There was one 5 mm Polyp that was removed. The takeaway from all of this: 1. Pick your GI specialist carefully. This was mismanaged from the start. Dr. Goldstein should have had access to a Pediatric scope to complete the exam!!! That is the routine of choice for “tortuous Colons” as they are smaller scopes 2. Virtual Colonoscopies are worthless- It misread a Lipoma as a scary Polyp and they can’t remove anything that is found during the procedure, so you will have to have another prep and Colonoscopy.
Richard Mayberry
           5 / 5   7 years ago
Top Drs! And especially excellent team is Nurse Practitioner Katie and Dr. Prosky-a noted medicinal specialist who maintains the sanctity of solid patient relations.
Christy Foor
           5 / 5   2 years ago
Zarina K
           5 / 5   a year ago