Internal Medicine Associates of Reston

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1850A Town Center Dr Suite 209, Reston, VA 20190, USA


Valerie A
           1 / 5   3 months ago
Though I liked our doctor there, now that they have transitioned to the concierge...good luck to people that decide to use it. I don't think it's worth the additional $3000 or so to belong. I just tried to cancel an appointment over the phone and could not get through to a person!
Dietlind Dee Kiewel
           1 / 5   a month ago
I have been a patient here for 11 years. Now they went concierge, meaning you have to pay $3,000 a year to stay a patient there - I can't afford that. I am pretty upset about this move, especially since my doctor did not mention a thing when I saw her about 2 months before I got the letter. Sad that making money seems to replace quality medical care as a focus for this practice.....
LA Boy
           1 / 5   2 months ago
An additional $3000 a year to be able to see these doctors who don't have degrees from top-notch medical schools. In your dream, IMAR! I'll take my business and money to top notch physicians who truly care for their patients instead of money!!!
Vanessa Strauss
           5 / 5   a week ago
Dr. Valenti consistently demonstrates his commitment to providing the highest level of patient care.
Kavery Prakash
           1 / 5   4 months ago
Do not engage with Samantha Chang or Dr. Sindhawani as they are not capable of diagnosing anything or at the least be empathetic with the patients. Worst medical practitioners ever. Shame on them. Glad I moved on!!