Esthetique Dentistry Ashburn VA

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44345 Premier Plaza #220, Ashburn, VA 20147, USA


Lynmeshal .
           5 / 5   in the last week
At Esthetique Dentistry, I receive the utmost individualized care. The staff are well trained and educated on state of the art dental care with special regard to aesthetics. I loathe receiving services from a company that does not display consistency. But at Esthetique, an open line of communication is always exercised with consistency across the board!
T Stanton
           5 / 5   2 months ago
Thank you to Esthetique Dentistry Ashburn. I fell asleep during my deep cleaning and filling. The facility is amazing. The staff is very friendly, fun and professional. They kept me informed on everything and continuously checked on my comfort. I highly recommend them.
Jonathan Lund
           2 / 5   a week ago
I was deeply misled when coming to this place for some dental work. I call in advance to see if they participate in my insurance and the receptionist assures me that they do. Then I get the estimates for the treatment plan and the cost was insane. Meanwhile the dentist is pushing hard on some completely unnecessary cosmetic work to throw on top while I'm trying to figure out how on earth my dental work could possibly cost so much despite my insurance. Well luckily I went and got a second opinion. Either this place really meant they "accept my insurance but don't participate" (funny how they failed to mention that) or just have outrageous prices. With the combination of another highly recommended dentist (Sunrise Valley Dentist) and a specialist I am paying less than a third of what these people were going to charge. It was extremely misleading of them not to simply say hey we don't actually participate in your insurance that's why it's really expensive. I'd give them one star but Tanson was really nice and helpful throughout the process and the cleaning was fine.
Annie Kaur
           5 / 5   a month ago
Dr. Talwar and Dr. Patel and their team are all excellent communicators, knowledgeable, and nice. They took time to explain things. This helped a lot since I did not go to the dentist for a while because of bad experiences and advice. Had a lot of anxiety until now. I have a reasonable plan to address my dental challenges.
Nida Hussain
           5 / 5   4 months ago
I’ve been going here to years and they’ve always treated me like as their own. They are so personable and all are great at what they do. It’s hard to find dentists that truly take their time with you and make you feel at ease.