Foot & Ankle Center

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921 E Main St, Purcellville, VA 20132, USA


Danielle Woodruff
           1 / 5   9 months ago
I took my son in to see Dr. Lonas in the Purcellville office for some foot pain. They took an x-ray and decided he would need an MRI. The office scheduled the MRI for us at Cornwall Hospital. Cornwall called to discuss payment, and after them telling me the MRI would cost, $1,150, I cancelled the appointment due to the high cost. I called my insurance company and found a stand alone facility that would only cost $150. I called Foot & Ankle to let them know we would need a new appointment. They said they had never heard of the stand alone facility. I was surprised as it's a radiology imaging place that I've been too for many different imaging procedures. After the MRI, I was told to call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Lonas for Mondays as that's when she was in the Purcellville office. We arrived early for our appointment. We were the only ones in the office. The receptionist took our name and asked what we were there for. She had to shuffle things around to find my son's information and proceeded to tell me that they hadn't received his MRI results yet, but that the doctor still wanted to see us. I gave her a CD that the radiology center provided. We were put back into a room. After waiting for 25 minutes with no one to come in and hearing Dr. Lonas complain about WiFi issues and other personal things, I came out of the room and said it didn't seem like we were prepared for the appointment and asked if I could reschedule. Dr. Lonas gave me excuses about the WiFi not working and that our results weren't in. Shethen fled the area leaving the receptionist to handle everything. I asked the receptionist if I could have a doctor's note that allowed my son to go back to playing at recess. She gave me the note, but never confirmed with the doctor, which I found odd. While I can undestand them trying to view my son's results from the CD we provided, it would have been courteous to come into the room to acknowledge us or they could have called me before the appointment to inform me that the results weren't in and to reschedule the appointment. I finally got his results after I called in the next day. I don't have a lot of confidence in this office. They didn't know of the free standing facility, which saved me a TON of money, and they weren't prepared for our appointment. Oh and I forgot to mention, they wrote the MRI order incorrect so we almost weren't able to get the MRI. We will not be going back to this facility. I will say that the receptionist, Renee, was very pleasant to deal with.
AnJanette Harris
           1 / 5   a year ago
The staff in the Purceville office is very unprofessional. My appointment was at 130 PM but I arrived early and when I walked in the staff told me that they were still at lunch. I arrived a little after 1 and the staff ignored me until 130, because it was my first appointment I had paperwork to fill out that I could have filled out while I was waiting but instead they just sat there. This is the most unprofessional office I have ever experienced. If I could give them no stars I would. This is my one and only appointment at this place. The staff is the rudest I have ever encountered.
Valerie DiCarlo
           5 / 5   a year ago
I am very pleased with the service I have received over the past 4 years. Dr. G is a great doctor and the staff have always been professional. That has been my experience at the Purcellville office.
Bryan Brooks
           1 / 5   5 years ago
DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE. Horrible customer service and not willing to work with patients. They failed to get written approval from the insurance company after agreeing to charge my daughter ~$120 for inserts. Shortly after they informed us that our bill was $430 because the insurance company came back and stated they would not cover the cost. Instead of confirming in advance that we wanted to proceed, they instead made the inserts and promptly billed for the full amount. We have, of course, tried to work out a way to resolve this by offering to cover out of pocket expense and they can keep the inserts. By any stretch of the imagination, most reasonable providers would agree to this. Instead, they feel the need to destroy her credit which is hindering her ability to get a job. Now we are forced to pay off extortion rates from a bill collector just to clear her name in order to get a job. I'm sorry, if you want to be taken by crooks please go here, otherwise find a reputable doctor.
Kelly Degan
           1 / 5   2 years ago
The office manager is terrible. Other reviews are accurate. Absolutely the worse run doctor's office I have ever seen. Office staff in Winchester were completely unprofessional and unfriendly. I asked for copies of my office visits (all 3 of them) and they charged me $26. At one point, I had a $90 credit because they overcharged me for x-rays and it took over a month to get it back. Once, I booked an appt at the Purcellville office and they made it for the Winchester office even though I was specifically requesting Purcellville. I will never go back despite Dr. Paylor being wonderful and very helpful. (I have never written a review before, but felt I needed to warn people to stay away.)