Inova Primary Care - Ashburn HealthPlex (Landmark Crt)

          1.5 / 5 (24)

22505 Landmark Ct #210, Ashburn, VA 20148, USA


Kat in Florida
           1 / 5   a month ago
NEVER GO HERE. Don’t answer their phones. Then when I arrive ten minutes late they say the doctor can’t see me. I went through their online system to book and wouldn’t let me because it said they don’t accept Medicaid yet online it says they do. HORRIBLE SERVICE AND PROVIDERS AT THIS LOCATION. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME LIKE I DID.
P Ghosh
           1 / 5   a year ago
I will give 0 or negative stars to this place if possible. Really horrifying experience. I knew this place has very bad reviews, but still thought to give benefit of doubt and thought of visiting them on next medical need. I went to this place for Preventive care and they filed the lab work incorrectly for which I am billed. My insurance covers the preventive care fully including the lab, I tried reaching so many times to follow up to correct this issue. The office manager Susan McDonald has informed that whatever has been filed is correct and there won't be any changes done by their office further. I have requested all the copies of claims filed in my case, they have not responded anything so far, I am sure I have to go through a hell of an experience to get the documents for which I have full rights. Follow up to my test results the doctor (Dr. Danny Nguyen) called for an office visit, so I went, there was absolutely no need for this office visit, he talked for few minutes which could have been easily communicated over the phone. He called for an office visit so that he can be paid, now I got another bill as this second visit was not covered to be paid on my insurance. On my first visit I mentioned to the doctor so many time that my insurance will cover fully only the Preventive Care and please take necessary action accordingly. So overall this place is not going to consider your requests, they are extremely irresponsible, they don’t respond unless you follow up several times. Even if they respond something, you will get crazy with their response as you have to follow up again and again and again. I am going through this torture currently, and I am sure they will drive me to hell.
Rachid Zougari
           1 / 5   10 months ago
I sat on a stretcher in the ER with a 102F fever due to an infected surgeon for about 6 hours. INOVA wanted to transfer me to the surgeon who did the work in Baltimore which is what I wanted as well however they wanted to do it with an ambulance (for over an hour ride at 11pm). Rather than help me figure out if insurance would cover such a ride or if I would be left with a $5000+ out of pocket bill (I have great insurance too) they refused to talk to them and instead pressured me about the dangers of not using the transport to get to my surgeon. Ultimately I was forced to sign out of the ER with a fever and an active infection so that my family could drive me the next morning. Luckily nothing happened overnight, literally a phone call or two was all they needed to make on my behalf. Worst medical experience of my life hands down. Dr. Sameer is a more of a car salesman who snaps at customers who won't accept treatments that may or may not be covered and uses health as the ultimate excuse for why you should just agree to all treatment - even if you will end up needing a loan from the expenses after it's all said and done.. .
John Perman
           3 / 5   a year ago
I went in on December 10 during lunch to find out if I had a cold or sinus infection. Insurance processing did take about 20 minutes, but eventually it was fine and paid my copay. Saw the doctor and then I got the usual throat glands and sinuses checked. I did have to wait slightly longer than normal, but other that it was average. I had to burn an hour of PTO, but I have pooled up almost a full week's worth.
Barbra Bowm
           1 / 5   a year ago
This is the far worst place you can ever go to. The Doctors themselfs do not care about their patients. They go on google for answers. They never call back with test results, when they do call they call a month later. The front desk staff are by the worst. They are rude and disrespectful never helpful.