Family Chiropractic of Fairfax: A Creating Wellness Center

          4.6 / 5 (7)

10831 Main St, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA


Brenda Hernandez
           5 / 5   10 months ago
This place is awesome. The staff are amazing they are so kind and on top of their work. The doctor is great at explaining everything working with you for your treatment and definitely knowledgeable. So thankful I found this place and definitely recommend it.
emily miller
           5 / 5   a year ago
Dr. Lisa is so patient and calm with my very strong willed 2 year old. She let her play while she got adjusted. She took the time to review all of my daughters medical records that I brought in and then talked over them with me. The entire staff is incredibly friendly and it’s a very welcoming environment. We will be going here long term!
Sara Padilla
           2 / 5   a year ago
Dr. Lisa has good intentions and wants the best for her patients. She sits down with you to explain the background to your adjustments. However, I was somewhat disappointed with her administration and environment. 1) the administration (receptionists) are disorganized - they incorrectly billed me for a deductible instead of my insurance (even after I notified them to contact my insurance). They refunded back the credit and I used it to get adjustments w Lisa. Other times they would completely forget that we had already scheduled an appointment and would call me again. I would receive calls & voicemails asking to schedule an appointment after 1 hour of talking with the receptionist to schedule an appointment. Clearly not taking notes for their records. 2) There is no privacy for the adjustments and they are rushed. Out of the 4 occasions I went, 2 of those I had to wait 15-30+ for my 5 minute adjustment. Moreover, the adjustment is done in an open area for everyone who is also waiting for their adjustment to see. Additionally, be prepared to see little children running around and yelling while you are getting adjusted as this happened to me on my last adjustment. Highly unprofessional.
April Newman
           5 / 5   11 months ago
Donna Brooks
           5 / 5   11 months ago