Shabih Hasan MD

          3.1 / 5 (18)

722 Grant St, Herndon, VA 20170, USA


Daniel M
           5 / 5   2 months ago
TL;DR; * Staff are kind, but busy and therefore come off as brash. * Make transactions and appointments at the office, I have found the experience better than a phone call. * Limited staff translates to a willingness to work with patients on cost. * Dr is kind, caring and willing to listen * Push back for generic drugs, it may take a bit but it can cost significantly less if that is a concern for you. I am new to the area and found Dr. Hasan through my insurance. My initial impressions echoed that of others. The staff seemed rude, and it was difficult to communicate with them. This lead to me considering switching Dr's. After one and a half years with Dr. Hasan I can say he is a kind and warm Dr., easy to communicate with and willing to listen. He helped me safely transition off an archaic medicine in favor of a newer alternative, although I did have to adamantly reject the name brand in favor of a 1% of the cost generic that has been working well for just about a year now. He consistently follows up on needs across visits, although this may seem like he forgets things about you, I find it to be a useful check for myself to ensure consistency. The staff are kind, and caring. Willing to work with you on costs, and scheduling. Although I forgot a few appointments, they forgave the missed appointment fee. If you take the time, I hope you'll see the same people I do. Either way, I wish you the best on your search for a good Dr. who will adequately address your healthcare needs.
Susan Greenberg
           5 / 5   8 months ago
Dr. Hasan is a wonderful, caring, knowledgeable doctor. He actually takes the time to get a very thorough history, which is rare these days, but essential for an accurate diagnosis. His receptionist was helpful and pleasant as was his med tech. I highly recommend Dr. Hasan.
Zachary McKinley
           5 / 5   9 months ago
The quality of care provided by Dr. Hasan and his team is exceptional. Obviously, this means he is in high demand and his office is thus very busy, but the staff are friendly and together they provide a very pleasant experience. It is very much worth the wait.
Mahmoud Elsayed
           1 / 5   7 months ago
Front desk staff, have worst attitude. It’s like they are intentionally not cooperating or trying to push doctor’s patients away. I will definitely look to follow up with another doctor because of the staff.
Ana Villatoro
           1 / 5   4 months ago
Front desk staff is rude, while waiting in the office I heard a staff member take a call and stated "find someone that speaks English and call back" and then hung up on the patient. I am still trying to come around with the doctor, he seemed a bit rude as well. I felt rushed while there, is like we were just another headcount.