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1800 Town Center Dr #222, Reston, VA 20190, USA



Alexia Redick
           5 / 5   8 months ago
Dr. Rausch and Dr. Patel are some of the kindest most hard-working attentive doctors I’ve met ever. these ladies are loving and small staff make you feel like you’re part of the family. They take care of you like they were your best friend. I’ve had multiple failed pregnancies and for each one they have taken extremely good care of me. Fortunately they helped deliver a baby boy couple years ago and is happy and healthy. They did phenomenal job and had so many tools to help you through The birth. successfully. I cannot say enough good things about these ladies in their staff I could give them 100 stars I would
Page Crane
           1 / 5   6 months ago
This office used to be fantastic 4 years ago. Unfortunately they no longer have their dream team staff that they used to have - so disappointing because they were wonderful. Their lab tech is absolutely terrible (I arranged childcare for my appointment this morning but was sent home because she was unable to draw my blood, I had to go to another lab where they had no problem sticking me). The nurse Ginger is so cold and flat, not qualities one desires in a nurse at an OBGYN. If she ever calls you with your lab results, it feels like they are being recited from a robot. The doctors are fine BUT you won't see or hear from them much. Save yourself time and ask a friend for a recommendation... I'm going to be looking for a new practice myself!
Briana Burk
           4 / 5   2 years ago
I've been a patient of Dr. Patel's for about 5 years, and each time I leave her office I think "I'm so glad she's my doctor!". I visited another OBGYN office briefly, due to location, but came back to Dr. Patel as quickly as possible. The nurses are wonderful, the receptionist is kind, and Dr. Patel are fantastic - knowledgeable and approachable. I feel safe & heard when I'm with them. Note - over the past year or so, they've hired a new receptionist and one doctor retired. In my opinion, these changes significantly affect my rating - previously I would have given 2 starts. If you haven't been there in a few years, give them another try!
Shawon Hossain
           5 / 5   a year ago
Dr Patel carries The best behavior and attitude you can expect from a doctor ! She listens, talks in a professional and friendly way, relieves your worrries with a smile. Thanks to her for being such a good physician...
Nikki Hendrix
           5 / 5   2 years ago