Broadlands Family Practice at Brambleton

          3 / 5 (74)

22895 Brambleton Plaza #200, Brambleton, VA 20148, USA


Leah VanRyn
           5 / 5   a month ago
I’ve been seeing Dr Wilder for over a year now. I LOVE HER. I see her for all my needs, and I love how down to earth and helpful she is. I recommend her to everyone! Both of my kids and my husband are also cared for by providers at Broadlands, and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences across the board. I highly recommend!
Ken Corigliano
           1 / 5   a month ago
I would not risk your family at this institution. I'm frankly tired of their consistent unprofessionalism and disregard for us as patients. I love my family and my calling as a professional. It is clear the unhappy staff members ruin it for a few of the proud ones and it looks like a clear leadership problem. When our "pediatrician" referred to our child as "the child" in front of him and was 4 weeks late with a blood test, we had enough.
David Hertzberg
           5 / 5   3 months ago
Dr. Fox and the staff at BFP are professional, competent and reliable. I moved my medical care from GW University to this practice and am completely comfortable with the excellent service I receive.
Rachel Bicknell
           4 / 5   3 months ago
I don't understand all the bad reviews. I've been going here since 2014 and I've never had a problem with the front desk, never had a problem with any of the physician assistants, nor any of the doctors. I love the walk in clinic if you are already a patient so I don't have to go to a doc in the box if I have a sinus infection that won't go away. I give them 4 stars instead of 5 because I can't use their online system to e-mail to the doctors / physicians assistants. Their helpdesk has tried to fix my account multiple times and they say it's fixed, but then it immediately breaks again. I'm told,"The programmer fixed it!" but I'm not told what was broken in the first place or how they supposedly fixed it. It is really really frustrating.
Antawn Jenkins
           4 / 5   4 months ago
Great service and doctors. 100 dollar no show fee is asinine though.