Gastroenterology Associates

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7915 Lake Manassas Dr #302, Gainesville, VA 20155, USA


Jonah Pilant
           1 / 5   6 months ago
Out for a quick buck. I went in for five year screening as directed by previous Dr. The Prep kit you pay for in office and is a mosh-posh of over-the-counter laxatives, red flag. I would rate the prep equal to norovirus. It was incredibly painful, I slept maybe 30 min that night. Previous preps elsewhere where not fun, but not pain inducing. Procedure went fine. Billing is the real kicker, I was billed as 'diagnostic'(1k out of pocket including out of network anesthesiologist). When I called they acknowledged error and resubmitted. Well, they resubmitted the same claim, when I called again they changed their definition of why it was billed at diagnostic rather than screening three times. My insurance whom agree it should be 'screening' (I would owe $0) called and were told a fourth scenario. My insurance recommends I file a grievance which I will be doing shortly. I would discourage anyone from being seen here for any reason, they will bill you by whatever means gets them a quick buck. Don't take the chance on your stomach or your wallet.
johnyy bravo
           1 / 5   a month ago
well i had my procedure done. i had my wife do the same . their billing department messed my billing and billed the wrong the way to the insurance company causing me a lot of stress. then my wife did the same and the same issue. whom ever works in their office is either incompetent or just plain not right. they dont tell you this but they schedule the anesthesia and dont tell you a head of time that the insurance might not pay for it . the anesthetist they use is not on your list authorized by the insurance company and again they dont tell you this and schedule it anyways causing you to be stuck with a 300 dollar bill at the end. they know this and they do it all the time. its wrong and incompetent . just go to a hospital and do this . these people dont know what they're doing,.
Kristina Martin
           1 / 5   3 weeks ago
Giving their office one star makes me uneasy. Initially, Dr. Choi was great. The wait times were sometimes over 45 minutes but, that's life. A few times, maybe more, I had to reschedule my appointments- as I had my kids with me (stay at home mom), and after 45 minutes of waiting- there was no way they could sit any longer in a patient room. Who knows how long that wait could have been?! I never complained about those situations. I do, however, have a complaint about the way I was treated by Dr. Choi on the phone and his staff. He personally called me after I had to cancel a colonoscopy and accused me of hanging up on a nurse (that's what the nurse told him). He then told me he doesn't think this practice is a good fit for me- and I should look elsewhere. I was completely shocked, as I never hung up on a nurse, and I told him how I very much valued him as a Dr. and appreciated surgical team trying to accommodate a colonoscopy ASAP. Words cannot describe the feeling after that phone call ended. I was already in pain and in a vulnerable state emotionally. This all happened prior to getting a bill for $55ish for the O'Regan hemorrhoid treatment. 3 treatments for 3 hemorrhoid's- that have since come back. Once I did get the bill, I tried to dispute it- as I thought I was treated horribly. Yes, a service was provided- but it did fail, and the way I was treated was borderline abusive by Dr. Choi on the phone. His billing/practice manager staff are extremely rude aswell. I tried to dispute this bill with practice manager awhile back. Called billing manager today and her attitude was probably just as bad as the Dr.'s. Of course- they claim if I had ever made any "attempts" to dispute this- billing manger would have been notified, and there is no record or letter of me officially being "terminated" from practice. Billing manager cut me off numerous times on the phone, sounded unconcerned about the way Dr. Choi and his "lying nurse" treated me, and said she was ending the call. Of course there is no record of anything-they want to get paid. I so wish this conversation today, aswell as conversation with Dr. Choi was on a recorded line. That being said, I'm still trying to fight this and I DO NOT recommend this practice.
chris mahoney
           1 / 5   2 months ago
Rude office staff and billing issues that are over a year old. Appointments take two months to schedule. Doctors are good but the office staff is very unprofessional! Felt like they were more about the money than helping their patients. Save yourself the headache!
Scarlet Emeritus
           5 / 5   11 months ago
Dr. Choi is an amazing and highly professional doctor who really listens to your needs and does his best to make sure you are cared for. I highly recommend!!!