Holy Cross Germantown Hospital

          2.9 / 5 (395)

19801 Observation Dr, Germantown, MD 20876, USA


Will Hernandez
           1 / 5   in the last week
Horrible wait time. I’ve been in the lobby waiting so long I was able to read through all the reviews here. Folks have been in the waiting room waiting for a bed for about 4 hours. Absurd to deal with this in a new hospital. Some folks even walked out. This needs to addressed, especially since in recent news a death occurred with someone waiting for a ridiculous amount of time. It’s an emergency room.... there needs to be a sense of urgency with the timing.
Christine Donati
           5 / 5   in the last week
In comparison to other hospitals Holy Cross was outstanding in every way. There state of art technology and cleanliness and Doctors and Nurses are outstanding. This renewed my faith in the hospitals in montgomery county. Maternity ward is fantastic team of caring Nurses and Doctors. Parking and food is good. It is small compared to Shady Grove but maybe this is better. They can focus more on quality and everything. THANK YOU HOLY CROSS OF GERMANTOWN FOR TAKING THE BEST Of CARE TO MY NIECE AND HER DELIVERY. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.
howard rankin
           4 / 5   2 months ago
The staff was (relatively) quick at attending to my issue. The attending physician was both cautious and thorough in his assessment of my issue. I'm very thankful this facility has opened and I no longer have to go to Shady Grove for emergency care.
Jermaine Wright
           5 / 5   4 weeks ago
The staff took care of my mom, I was so glad that everything went well. You guys did a great job. Thank you! Love the location also.
           5 / 5   3 months ago
This is the best hospital in Maryland so far, the nurses are wonderful. My experience at Holy Cross Germantown was nothing short of 5 star. Everyone was excellent and professional at their jobs. Parking is free compare to Holy Cross Silver Spring.