Winchester Anesthesiologists

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878 Fox Dr, Winchester, VA 22603, USA


Marj Praml
           2 / 5   2 months ago
I have no complaints with the doctors employed and servicing my procedures but I do complain about their billing. I have had two knee surgeries, and a gall bladder removal...all three cases plus two colonoscopies done over the years. All procedures used Winchester Anesthesiologists. All these procedures were paid by my Meritain/Aetna insurance with no other out of pocket expenses. This last procedure, retina repair was considered out of network so I am stuck with a $700 bill. I can't find out what the difference in all these procedures was to make this instance "out of network" especially since a colonoscopy, knee surgery, and gall bladder were within two years time. Winchester Anesthesiologist claim to be the ONLY group in Winchester. It may be mincing words that they are the only group but they are not the only anesthesiologists. I am looking for another for any future medical needs.
Robert Denton
           2 / 5   6 months ago
The anesthesiologist who attended my recent colonoscopy at Blue Ridge Gastro was very professional, but I just received a bill from them for the full amount. WTF! We have to get a Wellness exam and procedures to qualify for the Cigna reduced rate, and any preventative procedures are supposed to be fully covered. So the why the hell has WA Inc sent me a bill? It seems either they didn't submit it to Cigna, or they don't accept Cigna's rate (as a previous reviewer mentioned). Either way, I'm going to fight this. I was not given an option as to who the attending anesthesiologist was, so this it's a little outrageous if there was another service available who doesn't have a problem with Cigna's pay-out.
Heather Bates
           1 / 5   8 months ago
They sent my adult daughters bill to another person with all our insurance information included not once but TWICE! When I called to resolve the issue it was basically met on deaf ears. They actually tried to deny that it happened. I had the copies etc. No apology was given, they basically passed the blame on. I attempted to pay my daughters bill, the lady on the other end of the phone said her computer cut off and she would need to call me back after she figured out if the payment had processed. I recieved a call the next day and I was informed said payment had not processed. So I gave her all my card information...again. No issues, or so I thought. I checked my bank account and a week later 2 payments had gone through! To say they were unprofessional would be a gross understatement.
Tim Inman
           1 / 5   3 months ago
I tried but they won't let pay them.
Dennis Loeffler
           4 / 5   12 months ago
Wife had a procedure completed in Jan 2019. very good success, Medicare and Blue Cross said an "unacceptable code" was applied so the cost was not covered, Waiting for resolution from Winchester Anesthesiologist. Highly recommended getting "out of pocket expense" prior to any procedure. I will update the results of my inquiry. Dennis Loeffler Update: Based on the response I received today (Feb 22nd) from a very nice lady at their office I am encouraged that this issue will be resolved and I am thankful...I have increased the rating accordingly.