Columbia Counseling Center

          2.4 / 5 (20)

5525 Twin Knolls Rd #327, Columbia, MD 21045, USA


David Bibo
           3 / 5   4 months ago
I like Dr. Sixbey a lot. But I cannot continue because insurance has changed and they're now out of network. I'm not too pleased with the front desk though. To say their communication is lacking would be an understatement. I received a call the afternoon before my appointment to inform me about insurance not working. After learning my insurance company changed I was told I would be a cash patient. So I brought cash for the payment today. I was then told they don't accept cash. So I had to spend extra money a cashier's check because the checking cards for my new bank have not arrived. When you tell a customer they're a cash patient, it is your responsibility to accept cash when the customer brings physical cash. On top of this, the supervisor wasn't even office so the three ladies in the office all had vacant expressions like they didn't know what to do. Companies should have more than one person trained on how to handle this kind of situation. I'm glad I won't be coming back because I can't continually take time out of my schedule to accommodate incompetent people.
J.M. Boyer
           1 / 5   a month ago
Drs. Sixbey, Nash, and Sholtis are amazing, but there are issues with the front office staff. I've been going to this office for years and today has been a horrible experience. No one is visiting this center because life is great, and that front office needs customer service and empathy training. My office visit was rude today and a call to cancel an appointment this afternoon was rude. As good as the mental health professionals are, it's not worth the damage that some - not all - front office staff can to do a client with severe depression. To the front desk woman with short blonde hair, glasses, and a permanent scowl - you're a problem.
Madison Ferraro
           1 / 5   2 months ago
The front desk workers are unprofessionally rude. This is supposed to be a place for mental health service but they clearly don’t care about their customers mental health enough for common courtesy. They made it clear they don’t care about new patients.
Matthew Milo
           1 / 5   2 weeks ago
Dr Kanwar called and cancelled my appointment one hour before we were supposed to meet.
Dawn Michelle
           1 / 5   11 months ago
We have always had a good experience with the psychiatrist, psychologist and counselor there. However a receptionist named Laurie is extremely rude. She called me “hostile”. I am the most easy going person! I was shocked and appalled to be called this. My daughter will be turning 18 in 2 months and we will definitely be switching to another practice. Highly recommend not going to this practice.