Virginia Eye Center: Ziai Niloo MD

          3.9 / 5 (7)

19441 Golf Vista Plaza, Leesburg, VA 20176, USA


CJ Watson
           5 / 5   10 months ago
I have been to this Practice several times and I must say Dr.Ziai is one of the BEST ophthalmologist I have ever met. When I come for my thorough medical exam I appreciate the fact that the Dr's here take their time with getting the appropriate testing done. I don't mind waiting a little longer because I know I am going to get top notch care. My experience with all the staff has been very pleasant and they make me feel welcomed. Thank you ladies, please keep up the great work. And please don't let a bad review get you down (remember most reviews are written by unhappy people). Have a great day and I will see you in 6 months.
Giovanni Ramos
           5 / 5   10 months ago
Just came in for my initial exam and I really can't say how much better I feel leaving. I was worried about an eye condition that runs in my family and the doctor was so thorough and really made me feel comforted. The front staff was so nice from start to finish, the technicians really took their time to talk to me and explain each test they were doing, and even though there was a wait to see the doctor, it was well worth it. I have an appointment to go see the optometrist in a week for my contacts and I've heard she is super nice and experienced. I'm glad I found a new place for my eye care and I'll definitely be referring everyone I know here.
conrad everhard
           5 / 5   8 months ago
I was in Lynchburg for a baseball tournament for my son. My son grabbed the wrong contact lenses. The staff at VA Eye Clinic saved the day and gave me a sample pair of contacts in his prescription for free! Very nice office!
Tim Barwick
           5 / 5   10 months ago
LOVE Dr. Merrill. Excellent cataract work. 5-stars all the way.
Jay Park
           1 / 5   a year ago
Expensive, wrong prescription, poor service with attitude. I went to go get new prescriptions for contracts. I paid around $200, which is more expensive than usual. It took them about a month to get just the trial contacts in. I called two times: 1) two weeks later, 2) three weeks later. Both times I called, they said that they have yet to order the contacts. They should have at least told me what was going on; this would have left me feeling less frustrated. After a month, they finally call to let me know my trial contacts come in. Before I was going to go pick them up I call to confirm, especially since all the delays I was getting and the clinic is about a thirty minute drive for me. I called and they tell me I need a fitting appointment. Great, they couldn't let me know and assign me an appointment when they called before! Regardless, I go in with an appointment (frustrated but understanding that there are mistakes and miscommunications). However, they got my prescription wrong! I'm worried because I have to go back to school soon. So they order me another trial and the doctor assures me that I do not need to make another appointment, despite my display of skepticism. More than a month has gone and I come in to pick up the second trial ones. AGAIN, wrong prescription! Normally, I would just be frustrated but I understand; these things aren't easy. However, the receptionist gives me attitude and doesn't show any effort to try to help me at all despite my clear frustration. I'm not even given another quick examination (despite them being trial contacts) and they can only schedule me AFTER I go back to school. The receptionist literally told me that I should have came earlier. Well, I tried to make an appointment before but I was told that was unnecessary. Can't even give me a refund either. I understand I went through a fitting and took up the doctor's time, but they took my time too: three visits, thirty minutes travel time (going and coming), and wrong evaluation. Now I can't even apply my insurance to another ophthalmologist I need to go to. Despite the doctor being nice, my overall experience was poor. Note: They advertise so be wary. Also, to the receptionist named Brenda, treat me like the other guests and refer to me by my last name instead of calling me by my first name.