LMG Cornwall Urgent Care

          3.3 / 5 (21)

211 Gibson St NW #215, Leesburg, VA 20176, USA


Shannon Aase
           1 / 5   2 weeks ago
The worst customer service and ignorance of workers compensation law. The receptionist was rude on our first contact. She proceeded to inform me I couldn’t be seen without paperwork from Department of Labor even though I provided the case number. Beware of this place, unprofessional practices. I had a 12:30 appointment, sat for over 1 hour and was never seen. Then she called police and told me I would not be served, because she was ignorant about FECA law. I will tell everyone not to set foot in LMG and contact the State of VA Attorney General to lodge a formal complaint. Is it any surprise they have a 1.9 in online reviews.
Leslie Adkins
           5 / 5   4 weeks ago
Went in first thing Monday morning with flu/like symptoms. NP Carissa Dear swiftly saw me, tested and confirmed Flu and talked/prepared me for how to manage the next week or so of symptoms. Within 30 minutes, I was home in bed and taking my first dose of Tamiflu. She also prescribed a preventive prescription of Tamiflu for my husband, who brought me in that morning. Overall, the service was compassionate, competent, and very efficient.
Russell Clark
           1 / 5   2 weeks ago
Wow, what an awful place. The receptionist was incredibly rude and poorly trained. The actual medical care was OK, I would say so-so. There are other choices, so choose them. The place also feels dead and lifeless. Ugh.
Christine Doxey
           1 / 5   4 weeks ago
After 2 days, I still don't have the results of my x-rays for a possible broken arm. I was in the office on Monday afternoon and it's now Wednesday. I've called several times and someone promises to call me back. LMG Cornwall Urgent Care does not know the meaning of urgent and has no respect for their patients.
Michelle Gaskins
           5 / 5   4 months ago
This urgent Care is good. Every Dr I seen in there listen to me help me through my health issue. They are fast getting you back there.