Lansdowne Aesthetic Center: Yaqub Baraki, MD

          4.5 / 5 (81)

44084 Riverside Pkwy, Leesburg, VA 20176, USA



Charles S
           5 / 5   3 weeks ago
Dr. Baraki is a considerate gentleman willing to provide detailed consultation. I do not hesitate to recommend him and his staff. I will return for future care. To sum it up "I was pleased by the high-level of concern, consideration and professionalism provided."
Felicia H
           1 / 5   a month ago
I had Botox done yesterday and at first I didn’t even realize how rude this man was until I got home and honestly I don’t think that he applied the Botox because I don’t see any difference. He kept stating that I’m already beautiful which I appreciate but it’s my decision and I wanted to just enhance little. He cane off snarky as hell and not to mention he didn’t even numb my forehead. I scheduled a appointment for Friday for fillers but I will NOT be spending over 1k with this man he seems like he is money hungry but has no results. He stated he charges $6500 for a bbl with no pictures of his work etc. upon meeting him I honestly didn’t like his vibe but I tried to be positive. I will never go back there again.
Shayda Windle
           1 / 5   a month ago
This place is unbelievable. I went in for a consultation to discuss ways to treat the excess skin on my lower abdomen after 2 c-sections. Dr. baraki told me I had diastasis recti, a very common disorder that occurs in women after pregnancy where the abdominal walls are seperated, and as such, I would need a tummy tuck. He told me it would be a 4 hour surgery and $10k. For me, it's not even about the money. It's about being taken apart and put back together again with surgical tools. It's not natural, nor is it easy, especially when I have two children to take care of at home. I went to a PT and she also told me I have DR becuase she could place three fingers between my abdomen and there was seperation. The PT needs an order to keep treating me and I am getting push back from the doctor and nurse, telling me they can't sign off on it because he's a plastic surgeon!!! As a MEDICAL DOCTOR, I'm appalled that this is the response I've received from the office. This "doctor" clearly wants to sell his surgeries rather than help the patient understand all of the options for treatment of DR. As a sidenote, I asked his thoughts on coolsculpting and other microneedling techniques and he said they don't work, yet this is something they also try to sell at the office to tighten extra skin after babies. Disgusting. Sign my order please, and don't make me have to call back!
Nadine Nikain
           5 / 5   a week ago
Landsdowne aesthetic center provided a free consultation for my concerns. I was able to speak with Dr. Baraki himself and we discussed possible treatment plans for specific acne scarring on my face. The recommendation was radio frequency micro needling. I was able to view before and after photos of previous clients. I was really concerned about 4 specific scars on my face and was reassured those areas would indeed be resolved. The recommendation was 3 treatments of the micro-needling spaced 4 weeks apart. For these treatments you have to be patient to see the results to allow the skin to produce new collagen. There were some positive improvements of skin texture. However, the area of scars that I was MOST concerned/insecure with and told would improve did not improve at all. I would have been happy if they made some improvements, but they look exactly the same. I wish I was not assured that those areas would Indeed resolve and improve. That assurance was what sold me on purchasing this procedure the very same day of the consult. (I also did have consultations with other offices as well) This is all post 12 weeks of my very last treatment. I did bring up this concern to Landsdowne aesthetics and was hoping there was another procedure that would improve those areas. Each and every time the subject was diverted to discussing active acne. Active acne has absolutely nothing to do with a scar on my upper lip from a cat scratch, or 2-3 scars from 10 years ago. Yet this active acne keeps being brought up. Yes, that is a topic to be addressed but again nothing to do with my question and concern for the specific scars. I spent so much money and most of all trusted their word. Please do not guarantee that there will be improvements on an area if you do not know this for sure 100%. With all that said I do believe Dr. Baraki is an excellent plastic surgeon. This review is solely based on my experience and high hopes that what I was told would be true. I waited and waited patiently to see these areas resolve over time and they didn’t. And worst of all not one person has addressed my concern.
           1 / 5   2 months ago
On 9/27/19 I received an in office quote of $5,500.00 to get Liposuction of my mid and lower back and arms. Then on 10/21/19 I received an email from the above business with a coupon that stated " Get an additional 20% off ALL existing quotes". I went ino the office spoke with the billing coordinator who stated that my quote would not be honored nor would I be given the extra 20% off because l had been given an incorrect quote in error. I said that it was an in-house issue and not my fault "their" staff messed up. I was then accused of taking advantage of the situation. And expecting the doctor to work for free. REALLY? How? They made the error but somehow my integrity was questioned. I'm so taken aback by this experience. Dr. Baraki is good but to stand behind a Horrible decision was a mistake on his part. The billing coordinator was VERY unprofessional and rude. She handled my situation poorly. I Will NEVER use Dr. Baraki AGAIN. I do NOT recommend this practice.