Neurology Associates

          2.8 / 5 (9)

19415 Deerfield Ave #310, Lansdowne, VA 20176, USA


Hayli Maloney
           1 / 5   a year ago
I can not speak for the office as a whole, but the specific doctor I saw should not be allowed to practice medicine. I have a long history of health issues accompanied by a long history of doctor's visits and Dr. Dulai has by far the worst best side manner of any doctor I've ever met. I've never felt so belittled, unheard, or mistreated in my life. For my initial appointment he wouldn't even let me explain my symptoms without interrupting me and treating me as if I was a lunatic and my symptoms were in my head. There was a point where he heavily implied that I should see my psychiatrist and not a neurologist. It wasn't until he performed a physical exam that he started to treat me as if I was actually in need of treatment and even then he still was less than pleasant. I decided to get the testing he recommended and return for my follow up. (I should mention part of my symptoms include memory loss). Upon arriving for my follow up, he was running behind and asked the receptionist after 10 minutes or so if I'd had a specific testing done which I was unaware I'd needed because I forgot about it. He called me back anyways and was exceptionally rude to me about the amount of time it took me to get the two tests done (which cost an exceptional amount of money and I am a college student) and for not getting the other that I had forgotten about. For a medical professional who specializes in neurology to treat someone who is having memory issues the way he treated me for not remembering the other test is unbelievable. I have never expressed any feelings of dissatisfaction before to a medical professional regardless of feeling them until today. Please let me save you some time and never go to Dr. Dulai.
Ryan White
           1 / 5   9 months ago
The receptionist is terrible, rude, and lacks the necessary knowledge and skill to answer even basic questions. Overall the office is very disorganized and calling to get anything from an appointment, to test results, to having a simple message sent to Dr Dulai seemed to be to much for the receptionist to do in a timely or even professional manner. Never experienced such disrespect and unprofessionalism from someone working at doctor's office. Dealing with this office adds incredible amounts of unnecessary stress and concern. Dr. Dulai himself is a general neurologist, he doesn't specialize in anyone type of neurological condition, but when asked specifics or to explain why certain tests are ordered he also became very short and rude. overall JUST an Okay Doctor but not near the best in quality you would expect to see in the Washington DC metropolitan area. This office would be greatly improved if they replaced their existing front office staff with competent employees. Complete waste of time trying to be seen here and adds alot of stress and complexity during a time in which that is not needed.
Linda Burton
           5 / 5   a year ago
Excellent physician and staff. He took the time to explain my condition and treatment plan in detail. I highly recommend Dr. Dulai.
Jane Ochoa
           1 / 5   a year ago
Made an appt. for my mom to see Dr Dulai but we didnt make it past the rude receptionist. Never experienced such disrespect and unprofessionalism from someone working at doctor's office. Complete waste of time trying to be seen here.
Michille Reddy
           5 / 5   a year ago
Dr Tara Mangat, a great man who, when at first you look at him, with a turban may feel he is different and can easily fall to an old steriotype of not being one of you or like you, which unfortunately is part of American society? But when you talk to him, specially when you need to talk to someone about your illness you find this man deeply caring and passionate to help you, when you are dealing with all challenges you have. He is really deeply caring when uou talk about your issue. You can easily find not only a physician, but a deeply caring human being who care for you as a human being. He is a good psychiatrist and friend for his patients. He may not even know who I may be, but I am always thankful to him, for not being judgmental and a being a good friend when I needed someone to listen to me. If you have a paych or emotional issue last thing you want is someone to question your honesty and you want more someone to understand you and he was that person to me. Only few words I could say to him in retuens for what I received him as patinet , keep it up and thanks for being there when I needed you! And for you all please don’t look at what makes us different!