Cardiac Care Associates

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1830 Town Center Dr Suite 405, Reston, VA 20190, USA


Cristina Gifuni
           5 / 5   a year ago
i was doing a routine Nuclear Stress test due my family history. Dr. Banihashemi discovered that my heart was fine but noticed a tumor on my breast. Turns out I had breast cancer which had not been detected by the Mammogram that I had a month earlier. He saved my life!. I will be forever grateful! . Everyone at this practice is professional and caring. I highly recommend them.
Thomas Gibbs
           1 / 5   11 months ago
If you go here, make sure your appointment is with someone other than Dr. Banihashemi. My first visit was in February. I was trying to get checked up for a congenital heart defect that was corrected when I was 5 weeks old. The doctor obviously didn't know anything about congenital heart defects. After making me wait in a room for 45 minutes, he was very condescending, to the point he was questioning why I was there and was expecting me (an accountant, not cardiologist) to explain why my repair was monitored as I grew up. His exact words "I don't understand, once an angiogram is done, it is repaired". I did not have an angiogram, as I was only 5 weeks old and too small for a catheter (something I expected my cardiologist with 10 letters after his name to know). He ordered an echo cardiogram and scheduled a follow up. I decided to give him another chance. Went in for my follow up. He was only 30 minutes late this time (as I was the second appointment of the day). Came in, and I had to explain my condition again. He was literally googling (or web md) my condition as I explained it to him and basically repeating what I (the accountant) was telling him. I was expecting that in the one month between visits he would have had 5 minutes to google my condition before the appointment. I am an accounting professional. If I were to treat any of my clients the way this doctor treated me, the client would fire my firm, then my firm would fire me. Further, the lady who collects your copay is super rude.
Wayne Atkins
           5 / 5   a year ago
I was a patient of Dr. Yager a few years back but had to switch because of insurance reasons but I am VERY happy to be back with the practice and seeing Dr. Yager again. I have always had a positive experience dealing with the staff and doctors. Best cardiology practice in my opinion!
Diane Campbell
           5 / 5   2 years ago
I have been coming here since 2003 and was seeing Dr Keller very nice Dr. good care from him he is being missed since he moved .Now i have no regrets been seen by Dr Banihashemi my wife picked very caring and i am comfortable seeing him.
Brian Jenkins
           5 / 5   a year ago
Simply the best cardiac practice in NoVa!