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Long story short, I’m leaving Dr. Broome’s office because I feel that they downplay my symptoms, always tell me to go to my PCP to run blood tests that they could run themselves, and are impossible to communicate with. What did it for me was when one of her assistants replied to an email that I sent — detailing all of my symptoms, upcoming surgery, and more — saying that she never got it. She literally replied to the email. My new doctor tried for weeks to get them to send over my medical records and has never heard back from them. I had to physically go there and request them myself.
dan hoover
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Started calling Dr Jackson's office yesterday to get my mom an appt. to evaluate a cyst Sibley hospital found on a scan for another issue. Instead of speaking to a person to make an apt I get voice mail box after voice mail the time of this posting I have spent 45 minutes over the course of two days trying to get a person to speak to or even a call back. FAIL!