Acupuncture Advantage Care

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481 Carlisle Dr #114, Herndon, VA 20170, USA


Mayra Gonzalez
           5 / 5   2 weeks ago
Can't say enough great things about this Dr. Ahmed. Initially got recommended to see him by my boss after having some stomach inflammation issues. Before going to him, I went to so many doctors who never seemed to help. Trips to the hospital, countless doctor appointments, getting all these different types of medication. Nothing seemed to help. After my first trip to see Dr. Ahmed, I felt instantly better. I would walk out with seeing significant results. I've recommended countless friends and family to him and they all say the same thing. After some months, my husband and I were finally ready to start a family. Throughout the years, doctors had told me I had PCOS that also resulted in having an irregular menstrual cycles. It only took one session to see Dr. Ahmed to get my cycles regular. After a couple of sessions, I was ovulating regularly and we tried his cupping methods. Withing a few short months (maybe 2 or 3), I became pregnant! We are now proud parents to lovely baby boy and I can not thank Dr. Ahmed enough. This was such a great result and blew my mind because I had been told by many doctors that it would be hard for me to get pregnant and that I shouldn't wait too long. I was told this as young as 23 (I'm 31 now). His bedside manner is amazing and he's a really great listener. Tell him everything that you think is bothering you as he knows that everything is connected. If you've gone to many doctors and have gotten discouraged from what they tell you, don't give up hope. Have an open mind and get a second opinion from different forms of medicine and treatments. Before going to Dr. Ahmed, I had never tried acupuncture and didn't really understand it. Dr. Ahmed has made me a believer in this form of treatment and I am hopeful for the future of my health.
Patricia Novoa
           5 / 5   2 weeks ago
I can't begin to say how grateful I am for Dr. Ahmed. He is passionate about his work, very knowledgeable and his first priority is to get his patients well. I have been recommending him to all people I know who are suffering from symptoms of many things. I brought my son in to see Dr. Ahmed almost a year ago. He was feeling tired and sore. He was diagnosed with Lyme and begain treatment. He isn't falling asleep and he doesnt have joint pain. We are maintaining the treatments and he is doing great! Then, he experienced an anaphlactic shock attack. Dr. Ahmed treated him and he is now symptom free! He has not had an attack since being on the treatments. He has also addressed mold and other allergies and the symptoms disappeared. Dr. Ahmed knows what he is doing and his treatments don't have the side effects like medicines do. Words cannot express how wonderful these treatments are and how much we appreciate Dr. Ahmed. We highly recommend him!!!
Liz Lokhard
           5 / 5   4 months ago
Excellent experience with Ahmed!! He has such knowledge he shares and explains his process that put me at ease with acupuncture. I have faith that I am in good hands with each session.
Sydney McKinstry
           5 / 5   3 months ago
I went to Ahmed Mohamed about three weeks ago to treat MCS. He was listed as a practitioner for SAAD which has been highly successful at treating all types of allergies. I was blown away when I met him with his knowledge drive and compassion. It’s was so refreshing to have a practitioner that gave me so much hope. I have multiple chemical sensitivity and have been trying different treatments for the past three years without much luck. I’m also dealing with chronic Lyme and am seeing him weekly for treatments. He understands Lyme disease and has had many successes in treatment. The improvements I’ve had in this short amount are amazing plus he’s affordable!!!! I will update as I continue my journey to regaining my health.💚
Kolemann Lutz
           5 / 5   2 months ago
Ahmed is a splendid practitioner who is very knowledgable in applied Accupuncture to help treat a wide variety of diseases with both traditional and laser. He helped treat problems related to IBS, insular, and shoulder/knee inflammation. Would definitely recommend!