Eye Specialists and Surgeons of Northern Virginia

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Terry Bell
           5 / 5   3 weeks ago
My whole experience was great from everyone at the Eye Specialist office. The staff from when you walked in the door and beyond were kind, friendly, and informative. Dr. Josephson is a fantastic surgeon as well as a caring person to take the time to call and check on me the evening of my surgery. Even though my eyes are still healing I am so happy with the results I can see already. I would highly recommend anyone considering eye surgery to contact Dr. Josephson's office.
Monica Barsoum
           5 / 5   3 weeks ago
My optometrist referred me to Dr. Josephson when I was 7 months pregnant and experiencing a terrible eye condition that could have very quickly led to blindness. The optometrist said “Dr. Josephson is the best in the country and if anyone can fix this, it’s him.” She was absolutely correct. Dr. Josephson calmly explained to me the gravity of my condition, worked with my other doctors to determine safe procedures due to my pregnancy, and took immediate steps to treat my eye. He saw me in his office every other day for several weeks and checked on me during his off hours to make sure my eye was healthy. His office staff was extremely kind and professional and shared my joy when my eye was healed. He went above and beyond to treat me, and I can absolutely say he is the reason I can see!!!
hugo cabello
           5 / 5   a month ago
They took me in as a new patient and impressed with the professionalism of the staff and doctors. They treat you like a person and not a number and have time to answer your questions. 5 stars and I highly recommend.
Jane Nelson
           5 / 5   3 months ago
Dr. Josephson was highly recommended to me and I cannot recommend him highly enough to others. I had first eye cataract removed yesterday afternoon and this morning’s post-op visit showed 20/20 vision. I will have the second eye done on December 3rd. I think everyone goes in a bit apprehensive but the surgery is completely pain free and over in what seems like no time.
Laura Watts
           5 / 5   3 months ago
I usually dread going to the eye doctor but my visit with Dr Pierce today was actually refreshing. She was kind and very informative, explaining everything she was doing or what she was having the staff do. I would highly recommend ES&S to anyone looking for an eye doctor who cares. Thank you Dr Pierce. and staff for making my first visit here a pleasant one. See you next time!