Potomac Family Practice

          2.9 / 5 (13)

5872, 46165 Westlake Dr #120, Sterling, VA 20165, USA


Andrea Todd
           5 / 5   a week ago
Dr. Lee is the kind of doctor who listens, questions, and doesn't go with the easy answer (usually a course of antibiotics!) He is the real deal: a physician who diagnoses your symptoms, orders tests if necessary, and recommends appropriate treatment, whether it be medicine, surgery, an antibiotic, or other solution. He is the best of the best!
Eric Hart
           5 / 5   a week ago
Dr. Truong is awesome and her staffs also fantastic. It's been over 1o years that I've been a patient of Dr. Truong and can't be happier.
Amy Hamid
           1 / 5   6 months ago
Had a really bad experience @ the Sterling office. I needed a prescription refilled and they would not refill it until I came into the office within a 2 week period (I had just needed an extra week- even had made an appointment to show my commitment.) Wouldn't have been such a big deal but they did not receive a phone call back to explain the situation/ office policy. If the RN would've called, instead of me having to figure out what was going on with my prescription, I wouldn't be giving a bad review. Also, Leesburg staff is very rude.
Jay Williamson
           1 / 5   8 months ago
The staff here are incompetent in their ability to book and schedule appointments. A regular checkup and physical quickly turns into a “quick 15 minute appointment to get looked at” and for the entire physical we must book another appointment. That means paying another co-pay. I explained to them that the lady I spoke with made an error and it’s a very slow Monday morning, is there anything we can do. Of course not, they couldn’t do anything. They book me for another appointment three weeks in advance and I asked them to set up a reminder. And of course there’s no reminder, it results in a no show, and I owe additional money in fees. It was my fault for paying the copay before we even started my appointment, always pay after a service. 0 of 5 stars definitely would not recommend to family and friends.
hron *
           2 / 5   4 months ago
Dr. Troung doesn’t have ANY bedside Manners. I have been going there only for my yearly check ups and blood work. She always pushes me into getting vaccines, OBGYN pips and things that she just want to sell and make money. I regret getting a vaccine because she was pushing me. I have my own OBGYN. I have learned how to say NO to her and she doesn’t like that.