Dr. John M. Wallmark, MD

          2.7 / 5 (3)

6420 Rockledge Dr #4200, Bethesda, MD 20817, USA


Katie Herman
           5 / 5   a year ago
Dr. Wallmark is THE BEST! He is incredibly warm and wonderful with patients and their families. Dr Wallmark was able to give us years of survival beyond what any other doctor thought possible. We are fortunate to have one of the top breast cancer oncologists in the country here in Montgomery County. I’m not sure why there’s a bad review for another doctor (not him) under his name and a review for an unrelated parking lot. The fact is you can not do better than this for an oncologist anywhere.
Jackie D.
           2 / 5   12 months ago
My one visit to the Rockledge location was horrific. The staff was totally incompetent and rude. Never have I been to a doctor and had to pay for my own parking. Ridiculous. No need to ever go back here. I will continue to adore John Wallmark at his Shady Grove location. . 3/1/19 After confronting Dr. Wallmark on this issue, he cares not. His response: "Don't go to that location ". Wow, just wow.
Cynthia Wilson
           1 / 5   a year ago
I scheduled a appointment with John Wallmark, Oncologist for a second opinion that I thought may lasts more than the 5 minutes that his colleague Carolyn Hendricks, oncologist gave me. She did not examine me and sat 20 feet away. As for the the Aromatase inhibitor (Anastrozole) that she prescribed me I tried to communicate the side effects I was having, & she made a disparaging unprofessional comment: " Whatever, take a break from it". She didn't have any knowledge about what taking a break could cause (I asked). She stated that she gets massages for her aches & pains. How nice for her she should not be practicing oncology in my opinion. I received two reports that Dr. Carolyln Hendricks, oncologist employed by Johns Hopkins Medicine wrote 2 reporys that are completely fraudulent as she did not perform any physical exam and the reports state she did. Dr Wallmark who is a colleague of Dr. Carolyn Hendricks has two offices and I was not told which office to go to. It did not matter as the office manager informed me by phone that Dr Wallmark would not see me as he is Dr. Hendricks colleague. I was also informed by phone from the office manager of Johns Hopkins Hematology & Oncology located at 6420 Rockledge Drive, Bethesda, Maryland that Dr Hendricks didn't think I was a a good fit for her as a patient! I have questions about my cancer and These arrogant docs that are employed by the (long ago) prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital do not have time to answer questions and indeed do harm by their uncompassionate manner displayed with impunity. In my opinion these types of physicians should not practice medicine in oncology. Cynthia Wilson