National Spine & Pain Centers - Germantown

          3.9 / 5 (20)

19735 Germantown Rd Suite 360, Germantown, MD 20874, USA


Angela Victoria Brown
           2 / 5   a month ago
I want to start off by saying, Dr. DeLara is absolutely fantastic. There are a lot of downsides to the practice however. There doesn't seem to be enough time scheduled per appointment and most of the time you end up spending with the doctor, he is just trying to move on to the next patient. All things considered (including the rush to move on to the next patient) Dr. DeLara has great bedside manner and really tries to do everything he can for you in the short time frame he has. Now moving on to all of the office staff. This is going to be for most of the office staff (not all) You are really just treated as another number and nothing more at the front desk, there is almost no eye contact whatsoever between you and the receptionists. They won't bother to look up from their screens regardless of whether you are standing right in front of them or not, and as soon as you do or say something they don't like or will set them behind a couple minutes, attitudes go through the roof along with dirty looks. I had to contact my insurance directly and then have them call the office to explain that I did have coverage on something. They were prepared to have me pay out of pocket for everything I needed (hundreds of dollars) and when I told them there was no way that could be correct, there was no attempt to even double check they had put in all the insurance information correctly. At the end of the day, my insurance called them directly and sorted everything out, I was covered at 100%. As someone who works in the medical field it really saddens me to see offices like this, where they have fantastic providers, yet their office staff is what makes you never want to come back. I really think they should take into consideration changing their staffing at the front or at least training them to know what common decency is. I will more than likely not be returning to this practice as, in my opinion, the good does not outweigh the bad.
Sam Colvard
           5 / 5   a month ago
I had spent a day examining my options. I'm glad I went here. Great location, great people. I'll definitely come back here.
Athena Solomon
           2 / 5   a week ago
The Doctors are great and so are the nurses but, the secretary is so rude and unfriendly. She should really learn how to speak to people! There are nicer people out there that can answer phones and be the face of your business! Reconsider whom you choose next time.
Nichelle Hoyle
           5 / 5   a month ago
I really found someone that listened to my problems and I felt safe there. I know that I have someone that understand my pain and he gave me the right medication, they are the best. Again Thanks.
Jay Dubua
           5 / 5   in the last week
I Was referred to Dr. Delara or year and a half ago after seeing three other doctors. I could hardly walk. I was 50 years old at the time and I was using a cane for the first time in my life. I was becoming extremely frustrated. I remember laying in bed at night with the pain so excruciating I would moan and yell into my pillow. Honesty, there were several nights when I could not decide wether to call an ambulance or grab my gun and put an end to it. It was that bad. The first three doctors gave varying degrees of sympathy and three different diagnosis’s. But little or no help with pain management. I happen to be leaving one of those doctors offices one afternoon and I met somebody in the hallway at the doctors office. She could tell I was in pain and after a brief conversation referred me to Dr. Delara. Dr Delara immediately ordered an x-ray of my back and hip and from that point on I had no problems at all with pain management. He referred me to a great back surgeon and a great hip surgeon. After two operations last year I can now walk and work again. It was definitely a life-changing experience. It would be my pleasure to recommend him to anybody. Jim F