Dr Morgana Colombo: Integrated Dermatology & Laser Center of Reston

          4.7 / 5 (165)

1886 Metro Center Dr Suite 650, Reston, VA 20190, USA


Arslan Isaac
           5 / 5   in the last week
Dr. Colombo has been exceptionally caring during my treatment. She has a wonderful personality and extremely knowledgeable. She is an expert in her field, especially in dermatology. It’s comforting to know that my doctor is always up to date with the latest treatment options and research. I fully trust her opinions when it comes to my health and future.
Porawan Khanthawichai
           1 / 5   2 weeks ago
I really want to give a 0 Star but it no option for that. The doctor might be very good but whoever that answered my phone when I try to schedule my visit is just so rude!!! She asked me for the insurance to schedule my visit and I was looking in my purse. It was only going to take less than a minute but she said YOU CAN CALL BACK WHEN YOU HAVE THE INSURANCE CARD! Come on, it wasn’t going to take me an hour to just grab the insurance card out of my purse so this incident already show me HOW MUCH YOU CARE FOR YOUR PATIENTS!
Varsha Karkala
           4 / 5   a month ago
I love Doctor Colombo and she does a good job with my skin. I just wish the lady who makes appointments isn't as rude as she is. Its such a turn off, almost makes me not to visit the doctor at times.
Satish Ramachandran
           5 / 5   a week ago
Dr. Colombo always go one level higher than any other Dermatologist in Reston area. She gets all the details before providing any suggestions. She deserves 5 star rating.
Jared A
           5 / 5   3 months ago
Went in for a routine skin check and found the doctor to be very attentive and thorough. She repeatedly asked if I had any areas for concern as she went around checking my skin. Could not have had a better experience.