Dr. Melissa Joi Wisner M.D.

          4.1 / 5 (7)

22505 Landmark Ct #210, Ashburn, VA 20148, USA


Zabihullah Haiderian
           5 / 5   10 months ago
Dr Melissa is my kids favorite doctor, I am taking my kids there since four years, still we are happy having Dr. Melissa Wisner there at inova.
Nadia Ghias
           5 / 5   a year ago
DrWisner is excellent. I’ve been seeing her for several years and always found her incredibly thorough as well as attentive. She always provides her patients with excellent care.
Laura Laura
           5 / 5   a year ago
We always had a great experience with Dr. Melissa Wisner: she is patient, has very pleasant bedside manners, listens carefully to her patient and provides extensive information on what needs to be done and taken care off.
la capitan yo
           3 / 5   2 years ago
Dr. Wisner only works part-time. She is the only doctor who sees kids, unless you are willing to see the nurse practitioner Christina. She is sweet but takes her time. Hard to get an appointment with Dr. Wisner. I am always on hold with the appointment line. It is frustrating.
Anju D
           1 / 5   3 years ago
I really hope Karma works, the way they say it does, for WISNER! My husband went and saw WISNER about a few weeks ago with a REAL bad cold. I’m not saying Dr. Wisner because she doesn’t deserve to be called a doctor due to her MALPRACTICE. These kinds of doctors should straight out lose their license for practicing medicine. Only because of her malpractice my husband ended up in the ER and was considered for ICU. Also, my 3 month old had multiple pediatrician visits. If you consider going to the Ashburn Inova Family practice, run away from Wisner and see Dr Trivedi (he is very good), or someone else, below is the whole story - My husband was in real bad shape with bad cold when he went to see her, we have a 3 month old at home, and so with sleepless nights his situation was getting worse and worse. He was not in a position to be able to work. He requested from Wisner if she could write him a note or treat him so that at least he can manage the day-to-day life stuff. But she said she can’t give him any antibiotic at that time, also can’t give him any note. Wisner told him to call her after 2 days, if the situation is worse than she will give him a note so that he can take off from work. So my husband scheduled a follow-up appointment in two days and requested the note, but she cancelled the appointment on him and didn’t give the note until that afternoon so my husband had to struggle and manage his work with sickness. Even though he said he had red-and-white splotches at the back of his throat as well as feeling dizzy, she still said she can’t do anything about it and she cancelled the appointment on him and said it is too early to give antibiotic. It was on Thursday so it was end of the week, she knew that if situation gets worse over the weekend, the doctor’s office would be closed and nothing can be done, but she didn’t bother and she MADE my husband FEEL very discouraged to schedule another follow-up! So he kept gargling and doing all the home remedies she recommended, but it was not strong enough to take care of the situation. More than anything else we were worried that our baby could get affected from his cold. Because of her negligence my husband eventually ended up in the Emergency Room. Not only this, he had to spend the entire night in the ER. They said if they couldn't control his breathing they might have to transfer him to the ICU, so it was VERY, VERY SERIOUS!! They told him at the ER that this whole situation could have been avoided if the doc gave him the antibiotic on-time in the beginning (as it turned out to be originally a sinus infection and not a cold which turned into Bronchitis). I can understand that doctors don't want to give out medication when not needed, but it is the doc's duty to figure out when someone REALLY NEEDS IT! This is why they go to medical school!! She talks about treating a family as a whole, and this is EXACTLY WHAT SHE LACKS! In this situation she didn’t care about the family, when my husband mentioned about the 3 months old, her expression was a quick “yeh, it’s too early to give an antibiotic!” She has no clue what it’s like to have a 3 month old at home when you are sick and contagious. As a mother of a 3 months old, after being thru this situation with sleepless nights and endless worry about baby catching it… I REALLY DO hope that someday karma comes back to her. They say what goes around comes around, and one day I hope that she feels the same with her 3 month old, because only a mother can feel the pain. When this happens to her, if she is not a mother yet some day she will be and I hope she goes through the pain and it reminds her of this day. Hopefully she will then understand and stop practicing medicine so that she can’t damage anyone else’s life like this. If she doesn’t want to have kid maybe someday some of her close family will go through this pain and then she will understand all of these!!