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Michael E Wilson
           5 / 5   3 months ago
I had back surgery 1 week ago and doing quite well. Had zero issues throughout the entire process. My back had multiple bone spurs and bone on bone. After the surgery the significant pain that was going down my legs has gone. Dr Santini did a great job.
Diane Jones
           5 / 5   5 months ago
Dr. Santitni is great! The whole staff is wonderful! I had surgery in June, and felt relief immediately. Dr. Santitni and her staff answered all my questions and concerns before and after my surgery. I highly recommend her.
Jillian Olson
           5 / 5   3 months ago
I saw Dr. Santini for a lumbar disc herniation. As a person who typically experiences back pain I know what a struggle it can be to find a treatment that works. After a fall my back pain was particularly bad and accompanied by severe nerve pain in my left leg. I was referred to Dr. Santini by my general practitioner. Her office staff was very kind and efficient, they were able to schedule me an appointment very quickly and get me all the information I needed. During my first appointment Dr. Santini listened to the explanation of my symptoms, and performed an evaluation. She was able to quickly identify and explain what she believed the diagnosis was and sent me to get an MRI for confirmation. Her office worked closely with me and my insurance company to get approval and the procedure scheduled ASAP. Post MRI her office was again able to schedule a follow up quickly. During my second visit Dr. Santini reviewed the MRI with me, and confirmed her original suspicion of a herniated disc in my lumbar spine that was pushing on the nerve. Due to the severity of the herniation Dr. Santini recommended a discectomy. The significant amount of pain and the considerable weakness in my foot Dr. Santini and her team squeezed me in for my surgery within a week. Janet the practice administrator walked me through the entire surgical process, she was there and ready to answer any questions or concerns I had. The surgery went flawlessly. I experienced immediate relief of the nerve pain and the lower back pain, I was amazed. Dr. Santini was clear in her explanations and willing to answer any and all questions. I felt that she was very knowledgeable and was comfortable in her hands.
Molly Steinbach
           5 / 5   4 months ago
Dr. Santini is a miracle worker! I absolutely DID NOT want anything to do with surgery, but after some tough love from my family i reluctanly made a move from all natural attempts to medical after 15 years of sometimes debilitating low back pain. At 45, this is my first surgery ever, this practice put me at ease with care and support through the process. I was convinced NOTHING would "fix me." One and a half months ago I had an L5/S1 ALIF, what an amazing difference! I, along with friends and family, are noticing both mental, emotional, and physical improvements each day. She and her entire staff are simply fantastic. I can not thank them enough for what they have done for me, my family, and my physical and emotional wellbeing.
BruceAndCarrie Bowes
           5 / 5   7 months ago
Dr.Santini preformed arthroscopic surgery on my right knee. Immediately after the surgery I could feel a difference and that my one week follow up I was walking fine with no pain at all. I would recommend Dr. Santini to anyone who’s had any sort of knee problems. Five Stars!!