For Women OBGYN Associates - Felicia L. Donald, MD

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Mariam Alimi
           5 / 5   a month ago
Dr. Donald is an amazing Surgeon and OBGYN, I have been her patient for the past 17 years. She listens to her patients and gives them conservative approach advice. She delivered all 3 of my children safely through c section. If you are high risk or need surgery she is the doctor to go with 100%. She is caring, compassionate, gentle physician and after my experience with her delivering my first child 16 years ago safely through c section, I refer all my friends and family.
           5 / 5   a week ago
09/04/2019 sorry for the delay. He had been in PT 3x a week. Infant torticollis stage 4 not Stage 1/2. Growing as expected being almost 7 weeks early. DR. DONALD , Molly, Kenny and I, want to thank you for such a uneventful delivery. Dr Heda, her endocrinologist, really appreciated your knowledge, and calling and coordinating using her own insulin pump. I am grateful you did call her to rectify this, then handing the phone when done with Dr. Heda to speak to Molly. It relieved some of her anxiety
Omara S
           5 / 5   a week ago
I was looking for a new OBGYN, since I no longer have insurance. For Women OBGYN has great out of pocket rates! I was also able to get seen the same day I called. Dr. Donald is very compassionate, and listens to your problems to better assist you. I have been in her office twice this past year and I was amazed that she remembers who I am.
Chiwowa A
           5 / 5   4 months ago
I had my first appt with Dr. Donald last week and she is truly a breath of fresh air. She was very kind & compassionate and empathetic to all my health issues. Her front desk receptionist was very friendly and helpful. It's so nice to have a doctor that isnt robotic and she made it easy to talk openly with her. I look forward to having her as my doctor and Thank you for making me comfortable and really listening to me.
yonis Geberemariam
           1 / 5   2 months ago
We were looking for a doctor for my sister who is pregnant carrying a precious baby after a successful IVF in India. Dr. Felicia Donald's office accepted her and requested $3800 USD to cover for her Blood work ,sonogram and doctors's bill for antenatal delivery and post delivery follow up . We paid the amount in full on the day of her 1st visit by a debit card as demanded. My sister's experience with Dr. Donald was unpleasant and way below her expectation. She was so reluctant to order any blood work . Rather Dr. Donald requested her to bring her prior blood work. She was unable to produce her prior blood work on her next visit as her doctor in India did not respond. Dr. Donald then gave her a lab slip to get a blood work done outside. It was our understanding that the amount she paid covers her blood work. I spoke with the front desk right away and they denied that the blood work is covered. It became clear for me that they don't really care about the patients once they got their money and will do whatever to maximize profit. Hence my sister stated that she don't want the service anymore and requested a refund. But the office manager named " Carrol" continued to give various reasons to delay the refund and stopped answering our calls. i reached out to the billing department of the company and of course the money has been in their account for more than a week. so I had it enough and filed a formal complaint to VA board of medicine and there is an ongoing investigation. I also went to the office and was able to recover some portion of the money after police is involved. i am going to dispute the unexplained bill of almost $1,400.00 for one visit. I myself is a healthcare professional and can see this from a provider's point of view . but this is totally unacceptable substandard care which makes me question their professional integrity