Gastrointestinal Medicine Associates

          3.4 / 5 (14)

11440 Commerce Park Dr Suite LL3, Reston, VA 20191, USA


Aliyah Cox
           1 / 5   4 months ago
Made my appointment at LEAST 6 WEEKS IN ADVANCE, specifically asked if they took my insurance because no doctor within 30 miles of me does. Arrived at my appointment after taking off work and drive over 90 mins just to be told they DON'T take the insurance and they can refer me to someone else. Your mistake cost me money, time and now I'm left with the same issue I already waited weeks to resolve. Your apology doesn't help my pain or bank account. Triple check the info before scheduling
Ryan Scarola
           5 / 5   9 months ago
These doctors are the most professional and well organized of any practice I've ever seen in my life of 43 years. The first time I went in there a few years ago, they already knew everything about me because their electronic medical records are so seamless. The scheduled me for colonoscopy and i came back the next week and did it and that was that. The best part is the little procedure facility is right next to the office. You don't need to go deal with offsite hospitals or arrange anything. Fast forward another year and I developed some abdominal pain. They saw me, determined I needed an endoscopy, scheduled it, and did it within a week. The best part was just yesterday i got an email, voicemail, and text message reminding me I needed to schedule my one year follow up for the abdominal issue. I've never ever heard of a doctor's office that has perfected the followup process and streamlined the different testing processes.
Aagje W.
           1 / 5   2 months ago
DO NOT GO HERE! I literally just got off the phone with doctor Pam Stenborg and I am beyond disappointed in their practice! My husband has been having severe stomach pains for a couple of years. 2 years ago he had to do a surgery because he had a duodenal ulcer in his small intestine (gastritis / duodenitis). Doctor Fischer who apparently retired in January (they never notified us) told us he had to take 1 pill every day to prevent it and we could slowly build it down to 1 pill every other day. He has been doing fine ever since untill a couple of weeks ago. When I called the office they told me that doctor Fischer retired and that the earliest appointment they could schedule with a real doctor, not a nurse practitioner, could take at least 2 months. I told them I would discuss this with my husband and get back to them then. However when I tried to call them (after multiple times hearing, voicemails...) I received the most rudest call back. Doctor Pam Stenborg told us we should just "buy an over the counter medicine" and when I told her doctor Fischer told us we could call the office anytime to get his medicine refilled she said "well you haven't been in our office for a year at this point". Yes luckily we haven't... Luckily he has been feeling well for a year now! Though this was not a professional way of talking to their customers at all and I would néver éver recommend them. So please go find another practice that doés care about their customers!
Patrick Ferraro
           2 / 5   a year ago
The physician did a wonderful job taking care of my mother in the intensive care unit. BUT he did not respond to an e-mail with important questions about her post-op treatment. Incredibly disappointing.
Renu Chaudhry
           1 / 5   8 months ago
Very disappointed. Would have given zero star if it was an option.