Dr. Emil Valle

          3.9 / 5 (10)

1939 Roland Clarke Pl STE 200, Reston, VA 20191, USA



Shirley Chambers
           4 / 5   2 weeks ago
Very personable & professional. Proactive in trouble shooting problems and taking care of client's needs.
Marco D'Eredita
           5 / 5   2 months ago
Dr. Valle was very professional, very friendly and explained every detail pertaining to my condition. I felt very confident in his expertise and treatment recommendations.
Ann Roome
           3 / 5   3 months ago
The medication given made very ill for 2 days. His excuse was that it was needed., but Constant loose bowels and the vomiting was not explained to me. I could not stop was was happening and my whole body is still sore from what I went thru.
Kevin W
           1 / 5   5 months ago
I saw Dr. Valle for chronic constipation (2 1/2 years worth) and what he would diagnose as IBS (essentially a GI doc's way of saying "something's wrong with your gut, but we don't know what"). I came to my appointment prepared to answer his questions and give him a little background. However, Dr. Valle seemed more interested in not listening to what I was saying and waiting for his turn to speak and tell me to try (drumroll, please..) eating more fiber! I had just told him that my typical dinner most nights was based around a serving of brown rice, lentils or beans, a leafy green and some chicken or salmon and had been that way for several years prior to becoming constipated. That revelation was met with a blank, slightly bewildered stare and Dr. Valle then insisted that I try Metamucil nonetheless and - even though I had waited almost two months (in constant discomfort) to meet with him - to "schedule another appointment for about a month from now to let me know how the Metamucil worked". Further, while I was describing to him how the constipation had nearly completely disrupted my ability to engage in my hobby, running, Dr. Valle cut me off to go on a tangent about how his son had received a scholarship to run at UVA and how fantastic his son was and how wonderful it was that he had received a scholarship. That's nice, Dr. Valle - but I didn't appreciate how anything I tried to tell you about my condition essentially fell on deaf ears before you spent my time talking about your son's collegiate career, told me to try Metamucil in spite of my diet already being high in fiber , schedule another appointment with you ($$$) and rushed me out of your office, to the tune of over $500! You can guess how the Metamucil worked out. Find another doctor if you don't want to be gouged, ignored and charged hundreds for expert advice like "eat more fiber". Better yet, try some Traditional Chinese Medicine - it worked for me.
           5 / 5   2 years ago
Dr V. first saw me 25 lbs underweight and struggling with an intense colitis flare up. He ordered the right tests and immediately began getting me on the path to remission. I can finally hold my baby and enjoy my life!! Compassionate and effective.