Kinesis Physical Therapy, LLC

          2.7 / 5 (13)

9707 Medical Center Dr Suite 330, Rockville, MD 20850, USA


Belinda Brunner
           2 / 5   3 months ago
I am a current patient. The therapists are wonderful. I am giving a two star review because of customer services issues. I tried to cancel or reschedule an appointment because something came up at work. I left a message early in the morning and was not called back. As a courtesy, I called again in the afternoon before my scheduled appointment to make sure they received the message. At that time, I was told that I would be assessed a $50 late fee if I didn't come. Returning my call and informing me would have been good customer relations, but it seems they would rather collect late fees than appreciating customers or their loyalty. I was considerate with making the effort for a second phone call, but they didn't exhibit a similar consideration by returning my original call. When I complained, I was told that I could cancel my remaining appointments if I wanted to - nice to know they care so little about loyalty.
Darren Pats
           5 / 5   6 months ago
Incredible staff! Caring! Feel like I'm in great hands every session.
Swati Singh
           4 / 5   a year ago
Agnes is great. She knows what she is doing. She is really talented. She has a reputation for getting athletic, active people who have injuries back to the activities they love. I think she is so great that I have my mom seeing her after her total knee replacement! I have seen several therapists over the years and don’t feel their knowledge base is as good as hers. I have had no issues with billing. It is true that she has lots techs that help with exercises but these activities are things that can be delegated. The things that only she can do, she does (taping, spinal adjustments, fascial massage, etc). In addition the techs (like Greg) are great! I took one star off because the front desk is not very organized or detail oriented. There is one person up there that is reliable but I have a hard time with the rest regarding making appointments (like they tell me I have an appointment time and it was actually a different time), figuring out how to print a receipt for FSA submission, telling me they will follow up with something, then they don’t. Despite this I feel it’s worth it to see Agnes to be pain free and back to my usual activities.
Cindy Brown
           2 / 5   a year ago
Therapist is wonderful. As for Agnes and the rest of the billing...they over bill and say it is due to meeting your deductible, have a $50 cancellation fee and when you try to speak with Agnes she is always busy. I left a message at 9am to speak with her about my billing PRIOR to my 3:45 appt. No call. When I called at 2:45 I was told she would call me at 5pm. I let the staff member know that I do not to expect to be charged the cancellation fee as they couldn't be bothered to call me as requested. Will be interesting to see what happens on that front. Watch your EOBs, Kinesis will have over billed you as well.
Evette Munro
           2 / 5   a year ago
The organization does not have a mature business model. I was a patient there and was not satisfied with the service not from the theraphist but from the way the business was run. Each theraphist was strapped with more than 5 patients and the therapist often is unabe to perform their duties well as they are transitioning from one patient to another. Some days were really chaotic and the owner seems checked out of the synamics of the place. I will not go there again. It was not a good experience for the money.